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GoldenCrypto is a blockchain technology firm that is developing its own DeFi ecosystem.

June 9, 2022, MANDALUYONG, PHILIPPINES (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — is a Philippine-based internet technology firm that specialises in blockchain technology, gaming, and marketing. GoldenCrypto is one of the Philippines’ leading blockchain startups, with revenue of $1,000,000 in 2021.


On July 19, 2021, Jaliza (Mira) Aguilar created Information Technology Solutions with the goal of developing and launching a cryptocurrency market that would become one of the highest performing assets in the meme sector for 2021. The Unicrypt Network-hosted Golden Doge Presale IDO was a huge success, with the team raising $529,000 dollars in just 15 minutes. At its peak, four days after its formal launch, it had a market capitalization of $20,000,000,000,000.


GoldenCrypto is setting new standards, with the goal of becoming a pioneer in decentralised finance, which is quickly becoming the most active sector of blockchain technology and a multibillion-dollar industry. The company is developing innovative new concepts and solutions that are disrupting old business practises. GoldenCrypto aspires to be a pioneer in the cryptocurrency learning space by developing platforms that enable people all over the crypto world to interact with new and creative financial systems that can help them attain financial independence.

Golden Block Laboratories

Golden Block Labs Corporation, a worldwide conglomerate holding company based in Mandaluyong, Philippines, owns GoldenCrypto. GoldenCrypto and V-Garden Gaming Studios are completely owned by the corporation. Golden Block Labs is a holding company whose main activity is to hold, acquire, and own a controlling interest in a variety of enterprises, businesses, trademarks, real estate, assets, and commodities.


The company employs more than 50 people from various countries, including the Philippines, China, Vietnam, Ukraine, and the United States, who serve as developers, artists, marketing managers, and community managers. GoldenCrypto aspires to be one-of-a-kind and sees itself as a market leader.

Structure of the Ecosystem


This is the ecosystem’s entry point, backed by Golden Crypto Swap, which allows users to acquire GDOGE on the “BNB (Build aNd Build) Chain” using BNB, BUSD, or other tokens, by two Centralized Exchanges (CEX) – LBank and ZT, and by Golden Doge Token on Multi-Chain.


Golden Vault, Golden Crypto Lottery, and Play to Earn NFT Game will be used to earn money in this feature.


This method is critical to the ecosystem, as it allows users to purchase Golden Crypto Shop, Golden Crypto Lottery, and Play to Earn NFT Game using the token.


This is the approach that allows the token’s price to rise and become more valuable Deflationary.


The GDOGE (GoldenDoge) Token is the foundation of the Golden Doge Ecosystem and is now accessible in BEP20 format, a Build and Build chain standard that extends Ethereum’s ERC-20 standard. It has been listed on the LBank and ZT Central Exchanges blockchain technology.

GDEX (Golden Decentralized Exchange) is a one-stop DeFi platform that promises to make decentralised blockchain technology trading easier and give DeFi traders a centralized-exchange-like experience.

Golden Vault — is automatically replenished with buy fees from GDOGE transactions on Pancakeswap Liquidity and distributed to GDOGE holders in proportion to their GDOGE holdings.

Play to Earn NFT Game – (Mushro Legends) is one of the most crucial aspects of the ecosystem, as it contains all of the ecosystem’s most critical features: Purchase, Spend, Earn, and Burn.

Golden Crypto Shop — is an online store where GDOGE tokens can be used to buy valuable products such as accessories, sweatshirts, t-shirts, cutlery, and other uncategorized items.

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