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Best Gaming Motherboards For i7 4790k

You need to ensure that your motherboard is compatible with your processor in order to get the best performance . There are many things to consider when choosing the best motherboard for the i7 4790k.

There are many motherboards that can support your Intel Core I7 4790K processor. We have narrowed the selection to those that are most affordable and feature-rich.

These best motherboards for the i7 4790k processors provide everything you need at a reasonable price without sacrificing quality. These options can be used for overclocking, or you may not.

Our Recommendations For i7 4790k

MicrosoftI Motherboard (Z97PC Mate): The board supports DDR3 memory, USB 3.1, SATA6GBs, ATX motherboard, and 4th and 5th-generation Intel processors.

ASUS Motherboard, B85M-G : It comes with ASUS 5X Protection and USB 3.0 BOOST(UASP Support), Fan Xpert and CrashFree BIOS.

Microsoft-Intel-Chipset Motherboard:

ASUSROG MAXIMUS Motherboard Designed for Intel 6th Gen processor support 14 nm CPU and intel Z490 processors, DDR4 memory support, Integrated graphics processor, Multi GPU support, SATA 6GBs storage and 3.0 USB ports.

ASUS Motherboards TheIntel® H81 Express single-chipset motherboard supports the fourth generation of Core i7, Core i5 and Core i3 processors. Standard features include two USB 3.0 ports. It is easy to use, optimizes network traffic, and boosts GPU performance with advanced technology.

Motherboard: Specially LED strips comes with the Intel Z97 Express chipset, DDR3 Memory, 4 DIMMs slots and support for Max 32 GBs of memory.

Megabyte GA-Z97 -HD3 Motherboard Supports Intel Core processors starting in Generations 4 & 5. Supports extreme multigraphs. High-definition audio support. DDR3 memory support and high ESD protection.

Microsoft I Z97 PC Mate Motherboard – Specially comes with the Intel Z97 express chipset and DDR3 memory. There are 4 DIMMs slots and support for Max 32GBs of memory.

Megabyte GA-Z97X Motherboard : Intel Core processors starting in Generations 4 or 5. Supports extreme multigraphs. High-definition audio support. DDR3 memory support and high ESD protection.

MSI Z97 PC Mate, a motherboard that supports the i7 4790k processor, is ideal because it includes LGA 1150 socket. Z97 Express Chipset supports Intel 4th- and 5th Generation Core processors. Its Intel i7 4790 support is the main feature you should be looking forward to.

It features the Intel Z97 chipset and two 2PCI-e 3.0×16 slots. You can expand horizontally or vertically, allowing for a flexible and scalable experience. It blends seamlessly into any build large or small.

This motherboard can benefit from 2-way CrossfireX Technology , making it an excellent choice for people who need to do heavy lifting.

It can also be connected to any monitor at home and in the office via the HDMI or VGA ports.

The B85M–G is designed for heavy lifting, and has the highest quality and reliability. ASUS 5X Protection provides peace of mind with unbeatable stability, and a boot speed that’s guaranteed.

It provides USB 3.0 Boost for lightning-fast data transfer speeds. It’s 170% faster than USB 3.0. This means that transferring a 1GB HD video could take just 70 seconds.

AI Suite III provides one-stop access for a variety of innovative ASUS features such as TurboV EVO technology, etc.

Crash Free BIOS 3 architecture has been added to the BIOS to make it smoother.

Network iControl lets you manage your network bandwidth real-time, providing stable connections with no interruptions.

Fan Xpert allows you to control both thermal dynamic fans. This is key for ensuring cool computing. It uses very little power and produces no noise.

The MSI Z87-G45 Gaming Board is ideal for gamers and power users.

The LGA 1150 enable compatible motherboard with the i7 4790k processor . It is the perfect combination for custom builds and heavy-duty tasks.

It provides OC Genie 4, and 3x PCI Express slots. It will meet all your requirements, from graphics power to overclocking performance.

The motherboard has 6 SATA3 ports, which allow you to create a new generation RAID storage solution. It also has 4 slots for RAM, and a dual-channel Non-ECC Expandable maximum capacity of 32GB.

Moreover, Sound Blaster compatibility provides an immersive sound experience with Audio Boost.

The MSI Z87G45 motherboard is a solidboard for gaming and overclocking. It is a high-quality motherboard with many features that will make gamers happy.

The bios also allows for easy memory tweaking without the need of any external software or complicated commands within Windows. This may be the right choice for those who are looking for an affordable solution with support on the i7 4790k.


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