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Best free picture converters

A file converter that transforms one image file type (such as JPG, BMP, or TIF) to another is known as an image converter. This kind of program may assist you if you’re unable to utilize a picture, graphic, or any other type of image file as you’d want since the format isn’t supported.

The greatest, entirely free image conversion software tools are listed here. Some of them are even online services, which means you can use them to convert photos without having to download anything. If you are searching for a picture converter, you may take a look at the following options we recommend. They are among the best converters available out there. You may go through them and pick the best free picture converter out of them based on your preferences.


If you want to get a hassle free experience to convert picture, you should be using It is a perfect example for a picture converter. That’s because will help you with converting pictures to many different formats. The supported picture formats include BMP, PSD, TIFF, PNG, JPG, GIF, and ICO. 

You can quickly convert a picture from one format to another with the help of this tool. You should first upload the picture that you want to convert. Then you will need to select the output format. Upon selecting the output format, you may proceed with converting and downloading the picture. This is the fastest way available to convert a picture online, without experiencing any loss of quality. 

  • CleverPDF

If you need to convert PDF documents to DOC or DOCX formats without spending any money, CleverPDF can help you out. This free online service is available on both Mac and Windows PCs, as well as on the iPhone and iPad. To conduct automated correction, sort your files, translate papers, alter page titles, divide files, encrypt PDFs, add bookmarks, or page numbers, and so on, you may use any of the 27 conversion tools provided.

This software’s main benefit is its simple and straightforward user interface. It has no limitations, supports over 100 languages, and enables you to work with any initials. CleverPDF allows you to add photos, video, and audio snippets to a PDF document and convert it to a format that is easy to read or print. In addition, you may use this service to save PDF files that you find on the internet.

  • Adapter

Adapter is a free picture conversion program that can convert any music, video, or image file. Users may get a preview of the converted file and compare it to the original. Adapter, unlike other free software, doesn’t take up a lot of space, doesn’t need any third-party software, and doesn’t add any watermarks of its own.

The program offers a batch conversion option that allows you to simply add files to a sequence, choose parameters, and click “Convert.” You may use this mode to make all of your photographs the same size, add watermarks, and more.


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