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Best Apps for Students Who Want To Study Smarter and Stay Organized

Getting education and maintaining your focus at home or school can sometimes become a daunting task. Students use different methods and techniques to help themselves stay organized, channel their efforts in the right direction and get good grades.

A good idea is to use different apps that helps students adhere to their schedule, maintain their focus, stay organized, and get good grades. There are so many iOS apps that students can download using Charter Internet and get help for several things. For instance, students get reliable internet connectivity, connect with their peers and instructors, and achieve good grades. Click here to check out the availability of Charter internet plans in your region.

Keeping this in mind, let’s have a look at the different apps that can help students stay focused and organized at all times:


The app lets students use a study timer and custom targets that help them minimize procrastination to a great extent. You can set variable targets for each day and activity and track them weekly or monthly. To track your performance, you can also use the app’s Actual vs. Target (worm) chart that provides data over a set time. This is a unique feature that you might not be able to find in any other timer or app.


The app helps you maintain your focus by reserving time for long and short breaks between sessions. Also, users can create activities and quickly switch between them. Besides this, the app has a clean and beautiful design and uses different animations to make things less boring. You can use the app in languages including English, Malay, French, German, etc.


App Store Rating: 5.0


The app offers a powerful tool for students to get help with organizing their thoughts, layout schemes, sharing their ideas and opinions with friends, etc. The app also lets them create a bucket list using different color schemes, layouts, patterns, shapes, etc. Once you have completed your map, you can share it with your friends and co-workers as a PDF, XML, or text file.


The app offers the best project planning and project management tools for work and home and lets you stay focused and set goals for assignments, budgeting, etc.

App Store Rating: 4.8


The app is designed for students who want to get good grades and make sure that they stay productive at all times. They can set and achieve weekly, monthly and daily goals like completing assignments, studying for the final term, learning a new skill, etc. The app uses a sophisticated and attractive productivity timer that lets students concentrate on their work and minimizes procrastination. For this, students use custom productivity timers, add hashtags, maintain a library of different activities, etc.


You can also enable the Multitask Mode that lets your timer run in the background while you switch between tasks. The app also reviews your breaks and provides stats and insights about your progress on a calendar. You can easily evaluate your stats according to days, weeks, and months easily. The app also integrates with Apple Health so that you can challenge yourself to be more mindful and track your time easily.

App Store Rating: 4.5


This is an amazing app for students getting education in schools and universities, creating flashcards and notes, study material, etc. They can also create a study plan using the app to get good grades and study smarter. This is a free, all-in-one learning app that makes studying and exam prep simple and effective.


The app makes preparing for exams easy and smart by using study planners, flashcards, different study guides, creating study reminders, study groups, etc. A useful feature of the app is that students who are studying in groups can organize themselves and share their homework easily. They can create study schedules and keep track of the progress they make.

App Store Rating: 4.7


The app provides the easiest and simplest way to study, practice, and become an expert on anything you are learning. You can create and look for different flashcards from more than 500 million sets created by different students and teachers. There is a wide range of study tools backed up by science to help you in numerous ways. For instance, you can memorize vocabulary, familiarize yourself with different key concepts, practice whatever you have learned before the test day, etc.


The app is popular among students who study different languages, law, math, medicine, and other subjects. Besides this, the app provides step-by-step textbook solutions and makes the learning process better in every way.

App Store Rating: 4.8


In the end, one can say that getting education and using smart ways to study always helps students save their time, money, and effort to a greater extent. To do this, they can use different apps which can help them study in a more focused and accountable environment. This way, they can spend their time wisely and get good grades.


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