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Best Alternatives for Yahoo Messenger app.

Yahoo is a very popular email application that also has a separate messaging app that is quite popular among people. Because of this people are widely interested in different messaging applications and this is why we are going to share with you some alternatives to yahoo messenger. You can use all these messenger applications to chat with your friends and family.

Best Alternatives of Yahoo Messenger

  • Telegram

 The very first yahoo messenger replacement we are going to talk about is Telegram. This is an Indian application that is a very popular one and is used for messaging purposes. You can also use this application to download movies and TV shows too. It has a very good speed and usually comes with no issues.

  • Signal

This messaging app is also a very good yahoo messenger alternate that is very much focused on the privacy and protection of its customers. There are different modern features on the app which makes it very interesting and wonderful to use. 

  • Element

Another application that you can use in place of the Yahoo Messenger application is Element. It is not a very famous app but is quite reliable and authentic if you wish to use it. This application is based on the Matrix protocol and has end-to-end encrypted messaging services.

  • Jitsi

Previously known as SIP communications, Jitsi is an app that is a very good Yahoo chat rooms replacement that has a very brilliant messaging connection home depot health check. You can use this platform very easily as it supports different protocols like SIP, Jabber, ICQ many others. 

Apart from this, If you are still unaware of the Yahoo chat room and don’t know it is still available or not, you can read my article and get the complete information.

Article: Yahoo Chat Room is Back

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