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5 Benefits of Bathroom Remodeling

If a bathroom renovation is high on your list of priorities, you are not alone. Home bathrooms that seem ideal in a new home may become problems years later. Decorating styles, family needs, and personal tastes constantly shift, making a renovation necessary. Fortunately, updating a bathroom is a smart project that can increase property values and make a home more environmentally friendly. Upgrades also help personalize spaces and solve problems.

Bathroom Remodeling

1. Increase Home Value

A bathroom remodeling project is a smart financial move. Per HGTV, a minor renovation can provide a 102% return on investment when a home is sold. A minor renovation typically includes replacing the sink, vanity, fixtures, toilet, tub, and tile surround. Homeowners generally repaint the bathroom, too. It’s a relatively quick facelift that instantly gives a bathroom new life.

2. Create a More Eco-Friendly Home

Replacing old fixtures and faucets will make your home more earth-friendly. The original plumbing in most homes is inefficient compared to modern versions. Older toilets routinely use many gallons of water for a flush, while updated styles often need less than a liter. Original shower fixtures consume far more water than the latest models.
According to Bob Vila, an average home’s plumbing can account for half of the residents’ water usage. Replacing these with models tested and certified to provide maximum efficiency helps reduce the water bill.

3. Design a More Personalized Space

Even if they are in good shape, older bathrooms are often outdated and may not reflect the owner’s tastes. While some fixtures, such as standing-alone-tubs, have come back in style, most features that are more than a few decades old look dated. Remodeling is a chance to put your stamp on the bathroom.

Replacing old countertops and fixtures with contemporary styles creates a fresh look and increases functionality. Walking into a dated space can be annoying, while a newly updated bathroom is a pleasure.

4. Correct Long-Standing Problems

Remodeling the bathroom is a chance to fix issues ranging from safety concerns to lack of space. During a remodeling project, homeowners can upgrade electrical outlets, add safer handles, and correct problems that might violate safety codes.
It’s a chance to add more storage, too. Money Wisdom professionals say that improving your bathroom’s design can help reduce clutter using smarter cabinetry and space-saving options.

Renovating is an opportunity to identify and correct damage like rot, mold, or mildew. If damage is severe, the project might include some demolition. However, even if extensive work is needed, it’s a chance to create a cleaner, healthier, more appealing space.

5. Create a Calming Oasis

It’s not especially pleasant spending time in a dated, cluttered bathroom, but a renovation can turn even the most unappealing rooms into a peaceful oasis. It’s a chance to add appealing features, soothing textures, and relaxing colors.

Adding fixtures like a clawfoot tub, a rain showerhead, and elegant new lighting will transform a bathroom. With a bit of planning and a thoughtful design, the bathroom can become a luxury spa and your happy place to unwind and recharge.

Updating your home’s bathroom can make it more attractive, increase property values, and allow you to add custom features. An upgrade can make the bathroom more eco-friendly and turn a previously unappealing area into a relaxing spa.


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