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As a sports lover how Rhinoplasty helped me to achieve my wishes

Playing sports with a deviated nose is not the best way to enhance your fitness. I like sports a lot, I don’t miss a chance to practice, run, or play football, but I can’t become a professional player and trainer if I have a deviated nose.

You might wonder what a deviated nose has to do with playing sports? You are right! But let me tell you what happened to me, and why I did a rhinoplasty in Dubai.

Since childhood, I had a deviated nose, and this affected my ability to breathe well. Sometimes, I had to breathe from my mouth, especially when I run or play or use the stairs… During my teenage years, I wanted to join the football team at school, but when I went for an audition, I couldn’t run for enough time to be considered part of the team, and the coach there noticed that I breathe heavily, so he didn’t accept me in his team.

I got my dream crushed that year, but I knew it was for my own good because the coach wouldn’t take responsibility if anything happened to me during practicing or playing.

When I joined the university, there was this sports club which is responsible for organizing activities and competitions, so I wanted to join the team. On the day of registration, I noticed that they were preparing to participate in the marathon that will take place in a few months. I asked about it, and they told me that they will start practicing in 2 weeks.

Although I wanted to participate, I remembered what happened in school when I wanted to join the football team. So I decided to visit an ENT specialist in Dubai to check what is the problem. I went to Novomed centers here in Dubai and consulted the doctor, who asked for an X-ray to diagnose my case, and he told me that the deviation in my nose is the main reason for breath shortness. He advised me to undergo rhinoplasty because it is the best solution to treat the deviation and enhance my ability to breathe normally.

So I consulted a plastic surgeon in Dubai Novomed center also, and he checked the X-ray that I did for the ENT specialist and told me also that rhinoplasty is the best solution. Immediately, we set a date to undergo the surgery, and I did all the needed tests before the operation, and everything was great.

On the scheduled date, the doctor performed the surgery for 2 hours, and it was very successful pacman 30th anniversary. When I woke up after the surgery, the doctor visited my room, prescribed me some medications to relieve pain, and advised me to rest and follow his instructions to have an easy and safe recovery.

I am very happy with the results, and last month I got back to doing sports, and I am feeling much better. So next year I will definitely participate in the marathon!

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