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Are Video Ads Better than Image Ads?

Advertisement is the most important thing you should focus on when marketing your product.

There are many ads, including image ads, but companies often use video ads when advertising a product simply because it is better.

Here are the top reasons why those personalized sales videos are better than image ads.


According to statistics, 10 to 30 per cent of views are received by Facebook video ads than in other ad formats.

On Instagram, organic video posts and video advertising receive 38% higher interaction than photos. More than half of customers want to see more video content from businesses they like.

Top publishers on Instagram, which was once an image-based platform, are increasing video posts by 90-100 per cent year after year.

It Increases CTR and ROI

According to a recent study, by putting the same amount of money on image ads and video ads, a video is 497% less expensive per click and 280% less costly for each lead than the picture.

The video cost $1.19 per click, but the picture cost $7.11. The personalized sales videos received 480% more clicks than the image.

The video also had the highest click-through rate, at 1.87%, compared to 0.43% for the image.

You are giving information.

Videos can deliver so much more information than static image ads, which can be an essential advantage.

If you try to cram everything you want your audience to know about your brand, you will lose their interest and attention, for it is not visually appealing and is very hard to understand.

An ad can give information such as the purpose of your company and the product or service you offer, the prices, and how you can avail of those offers.

It is far more successful in adding this sort of information in video ads than to expect that your audience will take the time to read all of that information in the content of an image ad.

It builds trust

Consumers often want to know what they are buying and who they are buying it from, or sometimes only buy products from brands they know.

Successful Companies’ campaigns explain to customers what their company does, what makes it unique, their personality, the benefits of using their product, and its competence in the niche.

Video ads are better at delivering that information than image ads. When your customer and audience feel like they have become a part of your brand and feel connected, they are more eager to buy your offers and spend more on your products and services.

Has a lot of consumers

According to research, mobile video consumption increases by a hundred per cent every year.

Many individuals like watching films whenever and wherever they want, and mobile devices allow them to do so.

As mobile users grow, so will your video audience and prospective customers.

It helps you against competitors.

The only downside of video ads is that they are challenging and time-consuming to create.

Because of this, many brands skipped this and only use image ads that are easier to make.

If you want to build video ads that can get you ahead of the competition, you can do it on your own or have someone else create personalized videos for your brand.


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