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How to fix AOL Error Code 212 (UPDATED)


AOL Error Code 212 is a common and basic error that many users have encountered and it is also called the runtime error(bug). Before software is launched many tests are taken to see whether it will lead to an error or not. But no test is accurate and when the software is installed by the user he/she can face multiple errors one of the errors that often occurs is aol error code 212. It is advisable to the users that if they witness aol error codes, they must contact AOL Inc. to make them aware of the error and they can try various methods to solve this issue of the user such as 

  • They can solve the aol error code 212 in the master source code and 
  • Can provide an upgraded version available for automatic download by downloading AOL instant messenger (AIM).

AOL ERROR CODES: It’s easy for users to recognize the aol error code 212 by reading the list given below and if shown manifestation occurs, it is error code 212.

  1. The device in which software is installed freezes or the user feels stuck and none of the shortcut keys works to stop running the program to unfreeze the screen.
  2. Users can witness the crashing of the program when the parallel program runs
  3. Sometimes the issue doesn’t always lie within the software, fault can also be in the computer or device hardware such as a mouse, keyboard, motherboard, etc. their disutility can delay the process and can lead to the aol error codes.
  4. The system on which the software is installed may not support it or the system itself has some problems which can cause the error and the user would believe that the software has the problem but it can be Windows system or Ubuntu, macOS Monterey, etc also.


The error 12 can also occur when there is a fault at executing or running the software after successful installation, some of the reasons their solutions are:

  1. Flawed graphics can cause the error, users have to search for the graphic driver in the device manager, and then it would be better to uninstall the video card driver and try restarting the computer or rebooting the device.
  2. When the updated package doesn’t support the software, in this users have to uninstall the current running package and install a different new one and restart the device or reboot the device.
  3. When many programs are running together and the running programs don’t support each other, it can load to aol error codes and a better solution would be close each program individually or press Ctrl+Alt+Delete.

Final Words

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