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Accountants in Croydon | When you first start your e-commerce business as an Amazon seller, you should be confident in your accounting methods. Keeping up with your accounting records makes it less likely that you’ll miss accounting and tax deadlines and get fined.


If you have a seller account on Amazon, Amazon will give you a summary of your income and expenses. You need to learn all the terms so you can figure out how much money you’re making and how well your business is doing.

To make your annual accounts and figure out how much money you made on Amazon, you can use Excel sheets or accounting software.

Whether you choose to perform your own accounting or hire an accountant, you need to understand exactly how your profits will be computed.

Understanding and recording the following is crucial to accounting:

  • The incoming fund
  • The money that is being sent out

Make sure you keep track of all of your expenses as well as your sales revenue.

The incoming funds are as follows:

The money coming in is from the proceeds of the sale. When selling on Amazon through FBA, you may get payments in a variety of currencies. You can get a summary of the income from different nations separately, but you’ll have to add them all together to figure out your taxable profits.

The money that is being spent—your expenses:

The funds being disbursed will cover both one-time and ongoing starting expenditures.

Your startup costs will cover samples, photography, and anything else you need to get your product out there.

Ongoing expenses include product costs, delivery, and FBA fees.

Choose accounting software.

It’s critical that you pick the correct accounting software for all of your Amazon business’s bookkeeping. Certain accounting software will allow you to download a summary of your sales and expenses into your excel spreadsheets. This will save you a lot of time and reduce the chances of making a mistake as well. On the other hand, you can simply create your own template to record the data, create your accounts, and compute earnings by simply obtaining the sales and expenses data from Amazon.

The reports can be downloaded in the following ways:

Take a look at the steps below for downloading your annual sales report.

All you have to do now is

  1. Log in to Amazon’s seller dashboard.
  2. Go to the reports section.
  3. To make a payment, click here.
  4. Reports by date range can be selected.
  5. Select Create Reports from the drop-down menu.
  6. Choose a summary.
  7. Choose a range. This can be done on a monthly or annual basis.
  8. You can generate a report by clicking the “generate report” button, and it will be downloaded in PDF format for you.

The report will offer a summary of your income and expenses, including Amazon fees, shipping charges, and so on.

A section called “Transfers” will show how much money Amazon sent to you each year or each month, depending on the time period covered by the report.

You can figure out your taxable earnings by taking out reimbursements, costs, and operating expenses, like Amazon referral payments, and calculating the net sales value.

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Accountants in Croydon
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