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A Practical Guide for Working Mothers Going Through Divorce

Divorce influences two of the most important aspects of your life: your work and parenthood. Aside from the financial cost of divorce, the emotional stress of divorce and single parenting can influence your professional performance. Working mothers confront unique hurdles while going through a divorce.

 A Newton divorce lawyer can help you with the legal aspects of it, but when it comes to working after divorce, you should know that you are not by yourself. Over 80% of single parents are mothers, and 50% are working mothers. As you manage this adjustment, remember that there are easy measures to take control of the things you can control.  

Inform your boss of the new changes.

Even the most amicable divorce is a huge life shift, and you must inform your boss as soon as possible. Stick to the facts: You may need to take some time off throughout the week to meet with your lawyer or attend court. You must start your shift sooner or later to fit your children’s school schedule. You do not know all the answers yet, but you will communicate as you find them.

Keeping your boss informed of any changes or requirements resulting from your divorce can aid in the smooth operation of your working relationship. Furthermore, it will give your boss critical insights into outside events that may temporarily influence your schedule or workload.

Interact with coworkers

It is less important to share the news with your coworkers immediately, but the subject will come up soon. When you are ready, you may individually share your update. Alternatively, you can write a straightforward email explaining that you are getting divorced and what you know about your future work schedule.

Maintain simplicity. There is no need to explain. Avoid going into too much information. Do not succumb to the allure of gaining their support. Keep it to the length of a tweet and set some healthy boundaries. Consider this: ‘I want to let you know that I am going through a divorce, and I appreciate your patience during this time.’ That is all there is to it.

Accept and welcome financial independence.

You are now in charge of everything in your household as the lone earner. Overwhelming? It is likely. However, you have total control over how your money is spent, how much you save, and what you do to get it. 

The best approach to start overcoming these worries is to take a realistic and honest look at how much money you need each month to live your life with your children. Seeing this number in black and white might be frightening, but putting a figure to the dread also aids in formulating a strategy.

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