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9 Widely Used Project Management Techniques

Project management techniques play a significant role in determining the structure, work assignment, and other aspects. Utilization of resources Project management can sometimes decide the fate of a project’s fate. There have been many techniques for managing project projects. 

Let’s take one look at them.

1. Agile 

It follows the “sprint” approach, where you can break up a project using sprints or cycles. This approach allows for collaboration and flexibility. Agile refers to the ability to move quickly and to react to changes quickly. It is often used in software design and is best suited for smaller software projects that require frequent communication.

2. Waterfall

This is one of the most traditional and basic methods for project management. It is also referred to as Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) that focuses on making a solid plan and effective execution. The waterfall is sequential, meaning that each task must be completed before another can be added to the pipeline. Therefore, to have a well-planned and organized project plan, all requirements must be established at the start.

3. Prince2

PRINCE2 is an acronym for Projects In Controlled Environments. It is a project administration methodology that is made up of principles and processes. Prince2, which originated from the UK, is a well-established methodology. In Prince2, a project can be broken into multiple stages and levels, with each stage having its own set of steps. As a result, it is easy to implement in any organization, no matter its size. This allows them the ability to take appropriate actions for completing projects.

4. Scrum

Scrum is one of those methodologies that mainly focuses on improving communication, teamwork, and development speed in a project. Scrum masters are also known as Subject Matter Experts (SME). This allows for seamless collaboration and encourages team members to deliver results. It was created keeping in mind the requirements of software development teams. Many teams now use a derivative of the methodology or combine it.

5. Methodology for the Critical Chain

It is distinct from other methods because it focuses more on the resource than the method. As a result, it ensures that the project plan can be completed on time and is feasible.

Power side these methodologies, one other thing is equally important to project managers – project management tools. Many project managers see these tools as an important factor that distinguishes them from others.

6. Process-Based Management of Projects

This method emphasizes the need to work together across departments to achieve common goals. Process-based Project Management allows project managers and project directors to view all activities within the organization as a collection process managed to achieve the desired goal.

7. Work Breakdown System (WBS)

Every project has many tasks. These small and large tasks can overwhelm both project managers and team members. This project management technique helps to organize large, complex tasks into smaller, more manageable parts. WBS, a key project deliverable, is used to define a time or cost estimate. It helps managers understand whether the estimated budget or deadline will be exceeded.

8. PERT (Program Evaluation And Review Technique)

PERT can be used to help you estimate how long it will take to complete your project. The PERT chart is a tool that helps to organize tasks in a project. It makes it easier for team members and allows them to coordinate the work.

9. Extreme Project Management XPM

No, extreme projects management isn’t named after extreme sports such as snowboarding or motocross. Instead, this technique is used when there is a high degree of uncertainty. This project management technique is more casual and optimistic, and it emphasizes less formality in the company’s culture. Flexibility and non-traditional tactics are the reasons for this extreme title.

Project Management System or PMS is a software that manages the project and checks for performance as well. It automates & streamlines all the daily tasks and improves efficiency. You can create projects and assign tasks to individuals and manage them through a single portal. Ultimate Business System (UBS) is prominent and is a leading brand in providing top-of-the-line Project Management System software (PMS).

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