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7 Reasons To Use Invoicing Software Instead of Online Invoicing Templates

Invoicing can become a big mess if you don’t know the exact process to do it. While you might try out your hands with Word and Excel, you will realize they become futile after some time. Online invoicing templates can save you from the extra effort, but they also become painstaking as you cannot automate tasks.

So, what can be done in this regard? Well, you can take the help of online invoicing software to keep your finances in check. Here are seven reasons to convince you of the same. Let’s jump right away!

  1. Enjoy Up-to-Date Invoices

As compared to online invoicing templates, online invoicing software is updated constantly. This means you will always be aware of all changes in legal requirements, and your tools will automatically get updated.

Whereas, when you use the word or excel templates, you will need to research and update them. While some of them may look aesthetic, they are hardly updated regularly.

  1. Reduced Mistakes

Downloading Free nline invoicing templates means you will need to enter all information manually each time. This leads to many errors, and you may even enter the wrong prices or product information.

Online invoicing software lets you put invoicing on autopilot, number your invoices as per the right sequence and fill in your company and product details.

  1. Multiple Invoice Generation

As an entrepreneur, you cannot waste all your time making the most aesthetic invoices and ensuring they meet the current legal requirements.

Online invoicing tools let you create new invoices in less than a minute. You get access to quick drop-down menus, and you can add all your customer information in a single click. The best part is that price and VAT are calculated automatically. Once this is done, you can send your invoice to your customers.

  1. Professionally Looking Invoices

If you want to make a long-lasting impression on your customer, ensure your invoice conveys all the information and your brand value. Online invoicing templates can help you but only to an extent.

So, it is time you pull up your sleeves and invest in online accounting software to handle your invoices. They will offer you multiple editable templates and even let you upload your logos and photos.

  1. Maintain A Solid Overview

Even if you only have a few invoices each month, it is easier to have everything in writing and check what payments have been missed. But, as your number of invoices increases, you will get messed up.

Online invoicing software will let you have a list that includes the due date. Besides, you will be alerted as soon as a payment is overdue and let you take action on an immediate basis. With this new found freedom, you can stay miles ahead of your competitors and make a good name in the industry.

  1. Faster Payments

Moreover, online invoicing and accounting let you add links to online payment options. These include PayPal, Stripe and other payment options. This will make it easy for your customers to pay you as soon as they receive the invoice. When you get paid on time, you can use the time for better things and also work on providing better customer service.

  1. Send Automated Payment Reminders

With online invoicing software, you can do much more than create invoices. You can send and create quotes, automate reminders, enter expenses, add delivery notes, and manage payments.

Rather than adjusting details in an excel template, you can add your accepted quote to invoices and convert it into a delivery note and issue reminders.

Besides, you will appear more professional, and you will not need to chase your clients repeatedly. When you have all the details in place, you will be more organized and can take up more work with more time you have in your hand. These are little changes but very profound and can give that much-needed boost to your finances.

Wrapping Up

We hope you are convinced that online invoicing templates are good, but you will need to shift to an invoicing solution sooner or later. If you are still looking for that perfect solution and are tired of looking for the perfect one, let us do that for you!


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