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Top 10 Diesel pressure cleaners in Australia

Whether You Need an Industrial Floor Cleaner or a Way to Clean Heavy Machinery, a Diesel Hot Water Pressure Cleaner Can Do the Job

Perhaps the floors of your industrial warehouse or factory are covered with oil, grease, and other stubborn and hard-to-clean waste. Alternatively, maybe you are trying to get dirt and debris off a piece of heavy machinery. In either scenario—and in many others—a diesel pressure cleaner is the machine you need.

Why Choose Diesel for Your Pressure Washer Cleaner?

At Jetwave Group, we pride ourselves on manufacturing one of the most extensive ranges of pressure washer cleaners in Australia. Our pressure cleaners fall into four different categories: Domestic, Light Duty, Industrial and Professional. From small home improvement projects to the most extensive commercial or industrial operations, we offer a pressure washer for every application.

Fuel sources for pressure cleaners vary depending on the size and power of the machine at hand. Most domestic models on the market use either electricity or petrol as their power sources. If you are looking for an industrial floor cleaner or machinery washer, though, then you need something a bit more powerful and heavy duty. A diesel pressure cleaner is your best bet.

Diesel is a terrific power source for pressure cleaners thanks to the sheer pressure it allows these machines to exert. At Jetwave Group, our top industrial pressure washer is capable of producing a pressure of up to 4000 PSI. This pressure can blast even the most stubborn stains away, from dirt and mud to oil and grease.

Diesel pressure cleaners are also just exceptionally well built and extremely reliable. These machines are meant to provide thousands of hours of pressure without servicing or maintenance. So long as you make sure to refill the fuel tank when it runs low, you will be able to keep cleaning without interruption for a very long time.

About Hot Water in Pressure Cleaners

Another factor to consider when buying your pressure washer cleaner is whether it uses hot water or cold water (or both). For most industrial functions, you will want a hot water pressure cleaner. While cold water pressure washers work just fine for clearing away dirt, mud, cobwebs, dust and the like, they aren’t as adept at dealing with grease, oil or carbon-based fuels.

Have you ever tried to wash a greasy frying pan with cold water? If so, you know that oily substances and cold water just don’t mix. Even with soap or detergent, the cold water will mostly just smear the grease around, rather than cutting through it and washing it down the drain. The same is true with cold water pressure washers, which makes them less than ideal for environments where you might encounter greasy or oily surfaces. For cleaning food processing plants, automotive warehouses, or most heavy-duty machinery, you will want a hot water pressure cleaner.

Shopping for the right pressure washer cleaner can be confusing. What’s the difference between a diesel unit and a petrol unit? What about between a hot water cleaner and a cold-water cleaner? At Jetwave Group, we are happy to answer these questions for you and direct you towards the unit you need. We look forward to assisting you.

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