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6 Ways to Look Gorgeous and Slimmer in Salwar Kameez Suits

The absolute common dream all women share is to remain slim or adorn an outfit that makes them appear thinner and gorgeous simultaneously. Indian wear like Punjabi salwar kameez and sarees will always come to your rescue to fulfil this desire.

Irrespective of any body shape, kameez designs are one of the most convenient clothing styles that can work like magic. Styling a salwar kameez dress is the quickest way if compared to other Indian clothing styles such as a saree.

The only trick here is to know your body type and pick the appropriate style of salwar kameez suit that will complement your physique and rock the look you want to achieve. The best thing about adorning sharara suits with short kameez is that it does not restrict you to any particular event or occasion. 

Just like its easy-breezy and comfy feature, you can choose the latest salwar kameez suit for any purpose, be it casual, be it for work or a brunch, or for attending any big or a small function and event.

However, most of the time, when women cannot find the best styles of salwar kameez suits they desire, or even when they grab their favourite styles, they end up dissatisfied due to stitching patterns. 

This issue is now well taken care of by CloudTailor, from where you can customise salwar suits online. It is a blessing in disguise for women to get an option to customize the design and get it stitched as per their imagination.

Here are a few additional tips and ways to consider achieving the gorgeous and slimmer look when you plan to adorn a salwar suit with a dupatta.

Tips and tricks to achieve the goal of looking gorgeous and slimmer 

The magic of picking up the appropriate print

The gameplay here is the choice of print in grey colour Punjabi salwar suit. The print selection has a fair role in making you look tall and pretty or short and petite. The ladies who are short or petite must select a salwar suit dress with vertical prints in dark shades of colour to look taller and slimmer. On the other hand, short women should avoid going for polka dots and graphic print styles.

The right choice of colour

The colour you choose before you pick your perfect pair of fancy salwar is a critical factor that can make you look slim. Going for darker shades such as a beautiful black georgette salwar suit design with a vibrant coloured dupatta gives an illusion of a lean and slim body. It can make you look gorgeous and shower you with the confidence you need. Going with shades of darker colours like dark green, black, and any other dark shade has the power to conceal heavy body parts.

Focus on the sleeve lengths

You can play well with the sleeve length of your short kameez if you make appropriate choices according to your body type. For women with heavy arms, it is a big no to go with the sleeveless or short sleeves kameez style. 

The hack available for covering up the heavy arms and making it look toned is to go with the full sleeves or three-quarter sleeve length kameez. Opting for a darker colour is a cherry on the cake to make your arms appear slimmer and remove discomfort present because of heavy arms. If you want to add comfort and style to your churidar sleeves Kurti selection, you can go ahead with the loose-fit kameez.

Going for the correct fabric

Whenever comfort and style in fashion are considered, pathani salwar suits are amongst the most desired outfits to meet that demand. Comfort from any dress is directly related to the fabric used in its making. 

To achieve a young, dynamic, slimmer, and gorgeous look, materials such as georgette, chiffon, and cotton will be your best friends. It is advisable to completely block heavy fabric materials as they tend to give a bulky and heavier look. Cotton ethnic salwar suits are perfect for daily wear and casual wear to feel the essence of comfort and ease.

The appropriate length of kameez

Keeping up with the latest fashion trend can save you from choosing the wrong style. Talking about the current trend and visible evidence, a long kameez and Kurti is an ice breaker to let you achieve the desired gorgeous, slimmer, and classy look. 

The desirable kameez length to opt for is below-the-knee length white salwar kameez with a colourful dupatta to achieve an elegant look. On the other hand, short-length kameez styles are not in fashion and do not go well when you dream of achieving a slimmer and taller look.

Don’t ignore the length of salwar

Choosing the right type and length of the green salwar for your kameez is tricky. If you have flabby legs, the best choice would be to go with the loose-fitted bottom-style salwar. 

Those having slimmer and thinner legs and calves can go ahead with churidar or fitted leggings to flaunt their toned legs. Women who are short in height but blessed with leaner legs can take advantage of pairing kameez with leggings to get a long look on their legs.

All women, no matter skinny, curvy, dark, or fair, are beautiful in their way. No particular dress code can stop them from wearing the outfit they like. Salwar kameez suits are the most wanted and loved styles of Indian wear when it comes to flaunting your beauty and style. Pairing and carrying the white salwar suit with a colourful dupatta by keeping the above points in mind can be your guide in getting the look you desire.


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