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5 Unique things to do in Miami

One of the best places to go while you’re in the USA is the well-known city of Miami. Its varied scenery is home to a wide variety of fun activities. These include visits to some of Miami’s most exotic locations, a tour of its stunning beaches, and cultural immersion. Both adults and children are catered for in this lovely city. Miami is ready for you if you’ve been searching to enjoy that eagerly anticipated vacation by yourself or with the kids. So book your westjet flights and try these unique things in Miami.

South Beach

One of Miami, Florida’s most well-known landmarks is South Beach. You might think you’ve come down to earth on a slice of heaven. After learning about the significance of this spot, spend the remainder of the day basking in the sun or wading in and out of the enticing waters. You can spend the entire day on South Beach since it is open from 5 am to 12 pm. Summer is a great time to book westjet airlines tickets with family.

Botanical garden

If you’re an avid nature lover, one of the best things to do in Miami is to visit this lovely tropical garden located close to the historic district. All ages can enjoy this botanical garden, which is also highly family-friendly. Your travel dates might coincide with the event calendars’ frequently packed schedule if you’re lucky. You can take a self-guided tour with directions or relax in the tram while admiring the sights of this beautiful park.

Little Havana

One of the best things to do in Miami is exploring Little Havana. Walk through the streets of this small, friendly neighbourhood while being guided by someone who knows the best places to eat Cuban food. Prepare your taste buds for this unique experience, combining traditional Caribbean cuisine with contemporary elements. Then, stroll down the Walk of Fame for this neighborhood for an intriguing twist. Hispanic Hollywood’s brightest stars are celebrated here. Book your tickets with westjet airlines reservations for your next trip.

Olympia Theater

One of the most famous places to see in Miami is the Olympia Theater. Since its first opening in the 1920s, this theatre has exuded a vintage, nostalgic charm. Check out their event schedule to see what’s going on if you want to spend a leisurely day or evening out. This theatre is a remembrance of a long-gone era and a living legend. However, it melds in perfectly with all of the contemporary architecture.


Miami is one of the best spots to take sail on the open seas with a margarita in hand. Although expensive, holidays are for treating oneself! 

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