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5 Things to Consider When Buying a Suit

A suit will always be the best ace up the sleeve for any man, because it reflects confidence, is a symbol of authority and also highlights certain qualities of the body such as the back and shoulders. For this reason, when choosing a right suit, the best thing you can do is pay attention to the following details that will help you choose the right option for you. This will help you select the coolest suit that looks and feels great!

Lapel and collar

The lapel is the extension that the jacket has and that turns over the chest, they can end in a notch, a peak or they can be round. Regardless of the style you choose, you must make sure that the collar of the jacket always rests on the collar of the shirt. If there is any space between these 2 garments, the jacket may be too wide for you and if it rides over the collar of the shirt, it is probably too tight.


The shoulders are what define the shape of the back and depending on how pronounced you wants them to look, you must choose the thickness of the shoulder pads. Thick shoulder pads will highlight the shape of men and the back more while thin shoulder pads maintain the natural fall of the shoulders and give a more relaxed fit. Take care that the cut that divides the sleeves and shoulders is just above the bone where your arm begins.

The sleeves

The length of the sleeves should reach the height of the wrist bone, so with the extended arm the shirt should be slightly visible (no more than a few millimeters) and when you pick up the arm at a 90º angle the shirt should stick out approximately 1.5 cm from the cuff of the jacket. Other details to take into account in this area are the buttonholes, the buttons and if it has any type of additional decoration.

The buttons

Another decisive factor when choosing a suit is the waist. Depending on the number of buttons the jacket has, it will lengthen or shorten the image of the torso. Using a 3-button jacket will give a classic style but today it is somewhat obsolete. The 2 button jacket is the most common these days; you must not forget that the last button is never fastened. And the 1-button jackets are the most modern and are ideal for wearing a vest or a jumpsuit underneath.

The pants

To choose the right pants, make sure that they fit you well at the waist and between the legs. Do not trust yourself to use a belt if it is too big for you, since even if it tightens the garment at the waist, the excess material and wrinkles will be noticeable. If it fits too tight, there is no other option than to look for a larger size. Take good care of the length of your pants, they should not be so long that they bulge over the shoes, nor so short that they expose your calves.

Last Words

A suit is a worthwhile investment and with these tips you will be better prepared to choose the style that best suits your tastes and your body. Complement your outfit with an accessory, if you want to raise your level of style and don’t know where to buy suits visit our online store ( and give your outfit a personal touch.


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