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5 Female Youtubers you need to keep an eye out for

Among the most impressive careers in the world, the Youtubing has been a more joyful. Although the males got into Youtubing among several topics, there was a lack of females who got into Youtubing. At present, we can see that there are several female YouTubers who have been enjoying their profession as much as the males. The female Youtubing millionaires are not going to be in the distant. Here are 05 such female YouTubers who would become the legends in the future.

1. Mitchel Janse

Vlogging is one of the trendiest niches in Youtubing. When it comes to Mitchel Janse, she has come a long way in her particular niche. She is a Graduate of Nutrition and Dietetics at ASU as well. The 25 years old Hollywood actress looked dominating in her acting. She had acted on several series episodes and taken part in several TVCs as well. Well, she chose the influencing and has become a full-time Youtuber. Mitchel has 144K subscribers and uploaded hundreds of videos onto youtube related to lifestyle, travel, and entertainment. She is a part-time Instagram influencer as well.

2. The Cottage Fairy

When considering eth stats, The Cottage Fairy is among the leading female Youtubers in the world. V is the owner of the YouTube channel, and she makes her boyfriend and several more parties join the videos. The YouTube channel has got almost 1M subscribers already. Along with hindered video uploads and hundred of thousands of watch hours, the Cottage Fairy has earned a net worth of around $200,000. The Cottage Fairy is uploading videos related to a simple life living and a minimalist lifestyle. The theme she has chosen is a rare one as well.

3. Rosie Maio

The thrill, as well as the entertainment, are two joyful watches tasted to be tried. That is what Rosie Maio has exactly done with her videos. She is uploading videos that not only the subscribers but the random viewers would choose to watch. For example, the last video she uploaded was regarding how She said Goodbye to her job. Rosie is a highly influencing female personality on YouTube, along with 135K subscribers. She is not dedicated to Instagram, as She has just uploaded 05 posts yet

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4. Nicki Positano

Among the female Youtubers Ion the list, Nicki is the person who travels the most. She has already traveled all across the globe and added awesome frames to her camera. Although the female YouTuber has added a number of videos less than a hundred, she has been able to reach 174k subscribers. Nicki has not only put her income-generating efforts on Social media but affiliate links. It is not an astonishment that she already has a net worth of $68,000.

5. Katy Travels

The video channel is maintained by Katy Esquivel, a 32 years old girl from Peru. Katy Travel has 1.2M subscribers, and she is the one with the highest number of subscribers on this list as well. The strategy Katy uses is simple. She adds colorful videos along with fascinating vibes to attract people. Therefore, she has to travel to various parts of the world. Katy travels a net worth of $114,000. Her social media influencing, affiliate, and sponsoring have brought this net worth to her.


This article has explained the facts and information about 05 female YouTubers who have succeeded in Youtubing. As you know, Youtubing is a frequently changing field. The names will be the legends tomorrow, and you will need to know many things about them as well. We will update such information in future articles.

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