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5 Best places to visit in Alaska for the first time

Alaska is a lovely, friendly, and embracing country in the world, although people have the opposite idea. Just because it is situated in the forest Northern region of the world, it doesn’t mean you can ignore it. Simple Living Alaska will be a better way to name the country. Also, Somers in Alaska will be another thing you know specifically. If you make up your mind, these 05 places in Alaska will help you on tour to maximize your fun.

Best place to visit in Alaska

  • Dr. Seuss House

The Dr. Seuss House is a vacation center as it has become a landmark for Alaska. The 185 tall tower house is an awesome place to make a visit. Since the place is a known one, finding a hotel or accommodation will be a possibility. The House is made of several floors, and each floor has been put on the other in an odd manner. However, there is nothing to do with this House with Dr. Seuss as its original name is Goose Creek Tower.

  • Denali National Park and Preserve

If you miss nature even after making a visit to Alaska, that will be a factor to remain frustrated all the time. The Denali National Park and Preserve is the best place you can enjoy nature 25th island of greece. According to sources, the forest is covered by approximately 06 million acres. The lakes, rivers, dunes, mountains, glaciers, and wildlife will be there. You may extend the experience through a camped night or any other way you like. Even a boat trip will be possible in the friendliest weather.

  • Moose’s Tooth

Eth food culture is not a prominent one in Alaska. But, if you pay a visit to Moose’s Tooth, the place will give you delicious food for your memories. Both local and world-famous food is served at this place. Salmon Bread, bull steaks, moose ranch salads, and several more foods will be there.

  • Hubbard Glaziers

It will be a shame if you miss the reason why Alaska is most popular. There are several landmark-sized Glaziers in the country, and you will be able to see only a few. The Hubbard glacier is among the glaziers that a man can see from the closest distance. The beauty, as well as the terrifying look of the glazier, is capable of attracting your eyes for hours. Since there is land nearby, you will be able to enjoy the moment for hours.

  • Juneau Whale Watch

Although you are a frequent visitor to Alaska, you might have never imagined watching whales in Alaska. You will not find many bars, restaurants, or accommodations except the facilitation for whale watching. You will be able to see whales in the May-July period if you board a ship or a boat. If you want a heated deck or a cabin for this purpose, that will be a possibility with the money you can expend.


This article has explained 05 places you may visit in Alaska for different purposes. The places in the article have served different purposes such as entertainment, food, extreme, adventure, and nature. You will be able to find more places around each specific place as Alaska is not a larger country as it seems.

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