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I am here with a new topic to discuss elaborately. That special topic is “How to find the Udyog Aadhar” on the Udyog Aadhar portal.

For the enterprise owners to run their business in the Indian market, they need to have a special type of registration which is provided by the government in India. This registration is said to be the Udyog aadhar registration but the name “Udyog aadhar registration” has been replaced with the “ Udyam registration”, we will discuss this in detail in our next blog.

This Udyog aadhar registration is issued by the central government. For this purpose, the government has a separate ministry which is the ministry of MSME. MSME, on expanding this acronym then it is micro,  small, and medium enterprises (MSME).

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Now know more about this MSME  ministry : 

It is the apex governing body of the government of India which has been enacted under the MSME Act, 2006.  The headquarter of the MSME ministry is in New Delhi. 

According to the government data, we know that the MSME sector has the maximum share or contribution to the Indian GDP so it is clear that in the development of India, the MSME plays a great role. As per the data received from the Central Statistics Office or the Ministry of Statistics and PI, respectively.


The enterprises in India are classified into two sectors :

  1. Manufacturing enterprises: Where the enterprises are engaged in manufacturing or production of goods in the firms or companies or enterprises.
  2. Service enterprises:  Where the enterprises are engaged in providing or rendering the services to the consumers.

MSME Criteria for the enterprises :

The prime minister of India headed the Union cabinet meeting on the 1st of June 2020 to revise the MSME definition or criterias. This revised plan was part of the Atmanirbhar Bharat Abhiyan relief package. Here the “investment and turnover” criterias have been changed to a large value so that the numbers of enterprises come under the scheme.

Old MSME criterias :

For the manufacturing sector : 

Micro enterprises: investment in plants and machinery should not exceed Rs 25 L.

Small enterprises: the investment is between Rs 25 L and Rs 5 cr.

Medium enterprises: the investment range is between Rs 5 cr and Rs 10 cr.

For the Service sector :

Micro enterprises: the investment in the equipment should be below Rs 10 L.

Small enterprises: the investment range in this service sector is between Rs 10 L and Rs 2 cr.

Medium enterprises: here the investment range should be between Rs 2 cr and Rs 5 cr.

Updated MSME criterias :

For the micro-enterprises : 

Investment – below Rs 1 cr,

Turnover – below Rs 5 cr.

For the small enterprises :

Investment –  less than Rs 10 cr,

Turnover –  less than Rs 50 cr.

For medium enterprises :

Investment – Rs 50 Cr,

Turnover – Rs 250 cr.

These are the updated criterias for the enterprises which have been revised under the Atma nirbhar bharat package.

The function of MSME :

The main function of the MSME is to frame the rules and regulations for small-scale businesses and to administer the registered enterprises.  This MSME ministry gives support to businesses by providing several benefits and aids.

Its key function is to register the small-scale companies or businesses under the MSMED and provide the Udyam registration to the company’s owner so that they can avail the of government aid or support and the schemes launched by the government.   

In India, the life of a person is very busy nowadays so it is normal for the people or the owners to lose the Udyam or UAM (Udyog aadhar Memorandum) number, in this blog, we will explain in detail how can the owner get his Udyog aadhar number to print or download the Udyam certificate so that they can continue to avail the all benefits under the Udyam registration or edit or correct the information you have given.

Now after knowing the above facts about the MSME, I will tell you the benefits of MSME precisely.

MSME  Benefits :

Key benefits under the MSME are given below :

  • you can take loans from the banks without giving collateral to the banks.
  • You can easily get government tenders with the help of the Udyam registration portal.
  • the enterprises have protection against delayed payment.
  • and here the enterprise’s owners can avail of the reimbursement of payment for the SO certification.
  • There are many subsidies that are provided on the taxes or tariffs under the MSME ministry.

Now we know the benefits of the Udyam registration which plays a key role in supporting the enterprises.

now go to the other topic on Udyam registration or Udyog aadhar registration.

About Udyog aadhar registration or udyam registration :

Udyam registration or Udyog aadhar registration is a new scheme that is introduced by the “micro, small, and medium enterprises” in India. This has been introduced in order to facilitate ease of doing business. The enterprises are categorized on the basis of the investment in plant or machinery tools and turnover in the whole year.

To find the Udyog Aadhar :

in order to get the topic, we will describe how can we  find the Udyog aadhar, so the answer to the question is given below in a stepwise manner :

Step 1: Click on the official online website which is the Udyam registration portal.

Step 2:  Choose the desired option whose number you want to recover.

step 3: Choose the OTP option like Email or mobile number where you want to get this.

Step 4: Fill in the mobile number where you want to receive the OTP.

Step 5: When you click on the “validate and generate OTP ” button, you will get OTP on the option which you have selected.

Step 6: Now enter the OTP and tap on the “validate OTP” button. when the given OTP is successfully matched then you finally get the all register number.

The Bottom Line

We get the whole idea where we have talked on many topics. according to the given subject that “how to find my Udyog aadhar”, here I thoroughly discussed and told the other concerning topics like MSME and the udyam registration or Udyog aadhar registration, the key benefits of the MSME, function, and criterias for the MSME. I am sure that these facts and knowledge will help you in many ways.

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