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3 Things to Never Bring With You on a Bus

This article by JT Legal Group explains the various ways bus accidents happen and the severity of injury that could occur. From minor scratches on dozens of passengers to tragic fatalities, it’s a serious concern. You don’t want to be a distraction to a bus driver.

2. Animals

Animals aren’t allowed on buses unless they’re service animals. Pack your documentation, though, because you may be asked to show your pet is legitimate. 

Even if Fido or Fifi are in cages, you’ll have to find another method of transportation. Some small regional carriers allow you to check your pet if it’s in a carrier, and they can be checked in the underneath compartment of the bus with other luggage.

Since most of us wouldn’t want our loved ones to be stuck under a bus, find another way around the city if you don’t have proper service animal documentation.

3. Dangerous and Hazardous Objects 

Sharp items, such as knives, flammable objects, explosives, and even sports equipment are considered dangerous objects. You can check the sharp, pointy things, like knives and scissors. However, they’re not allowed on the bus with you.

Your lacrosse and hockey sticks, surfboards, baseball bats, and assorted sports equipment can be hazardous, especially if there’s an accident. They can cause an accident if you’re tempted to get some practice in during your wait. 

The Seriously Dangerous Items 

Flammable and explosive materials are not allowed on planes, trains, or buses. No gun powder, nitroglycerine, or fireworks are transportable. The only exceptions are lighters and matches, which you can keep on your person.

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You can check your properly licensed guns and self-defense weapons in your suitcase. Pepper spray is not allowed because it falls under the category of a chemical, which is also prohibited.

Chemicals can react with basic gasses of oxygen and carbon or flames. If you’re in doubt about a chemical-based product, pack it and store it in your luggage under the bus.

There are some hazardous or dangerous objects that can be transported under the bus. Any small arms ammunition, hospital supplies, or prescription drugs are welcome.


Public bus transportation is available in every major city. As the most affordable way to get around, it’s an in-demand service. 

There can be thousands of passengers on a bus during a 24-hour period. Yet, most of them don’t realize there are safety rules governing what you can and can’t carry on.

If you’ve ever flown, you know there are inflexible rules that TSA (Transportation Security Agency) enforces for every passenger, regardless of where you’re headed. But did you know the rules that apply to traveling by bus, too?

This is something to keep in mind as you pack for your next trip. Whether you’re headed to tourist meccas like Las Vegas and New York City, or anywhere in between, how do you plan on getting around the town? 

Buses are the most affordable option, but be careful about what you pack if this is your transportation of choice. In the United States, some items are prohibited to ensure everyone’s safety. 

To prevent an issue with the bus driver (who, like the TSA agents, is required to do their job and not let you ride), never bring these items on a public bus.

1. Alcoholic Beverages

Number one on the list of prohibited items is alcohol. You are not allowed to bring any alcoholic beverages on the bus, especially if they’re open. 

If your destination is someplace to have fun and drink the night away, be aware that it’s the right of a driver to refuse any passenger if they think they’re under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Yes, these individuals need a way home, too, but the safety of the whole bus could be at stake.

Operating a bus is a complex job full of potential dangers, and the driver needs to stay focused at all times. Intoxicated passengers are often disruly or otherwise distracting. 

Don’t get kicked off the bus for having a prohibited item. Keep this list of things to never bring with you on a bus in your mind, and pack accordingly for your travels.


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