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Why You Must Attend AA Meeting If You Wish to Quit Alcohol

If you wish to quit drinking but are unable to do so, worry not. Alcohol makes your brain depends on it. You reach a level where your brain cannot function well without alcohol. That’s what is stopping you from becoming sober. You must re-wire your brain now. 


For this, staying in a sober atmosphere with positive and powerful vibes can do wonders. A place that “pumps” you with motivation, power, humility, good things about life, and the zest to “fix” your life can help. One such place is an AA meeting in New Hampshire. 

Why AA?

AA gives you an environment wherein you can express yourself. At times, bottled-up feelings make you want to hit the bottle (of alcohol)! AA helps you make sober friends. Here, you will find people who are trying to quit alcohol, who have quit alcohol and are guiding others, and who has just joined like you.

Spending time frequently with like-minded people with the same goal (of achieving sobriety) instills in your enthusiasm and determination to move ahead in your sobriety path. That’s why it is important to attend AA meetings regularly if you wish to see results. 

Not many people have a supportive family. This holds particularly true if you are a hardcore alcoholic. Your family and other acquaintances may have started giving you a cold shoulder due to your irresponsible behavior. You may even have hurt them. Alcohol makes people do things that they later regret doing. 

In this case, local AA meetings can come to your rescue. 

Stories that surprise

In a meeting, you may hear stories from people that may leave you surprised. You will find you are not alone with an alcohol problem. People share their experiences of how they decided to quit drinking, how they relapsed and started all over again, how they faced problems due to their alcoholism, and so on. 

People who start feeling better in all aspects of their life after quitting alcohol also share their experiences. 

All this exchange of information gives you a surge of motivation to do something about your alcohol use disorder. 

You can also find sponsors in the meeting who can provide constant support in your endeavor to become sober. The sponsors are helpful in times when you get a craving and are unable to stand strong in your resolve to quit drinking. 

In addition, tools like Sobriety Calculator helps to keep a tab on your sober days accurately. 

How to find a meeting near you? 

AA has branches all over the US and outside. You can easily find a meeting in your area. During the pandemic, meetings were conducted online. At present, you can find both online and offline meetings. 

Search for “meeting near me” and you will find one in your area. 

The meetings are free of cost. AA is a non-profit fellowship focused on the welfare of fellow beings. It was started by alcoholics and is for the alcoholics.

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