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Why Is Pest Control Necessary?

Pest control is required to protect your property from uninvited intruders. Your house is a secure haven for you to live, not a refuge place for pests such as termites and rodents to dwell. However, these nasty critters may obtain an excellent opportunity to penetrate your home owing to gaps, producing a variety of ailments. That is why before these nuisances can wreak havoc on your property, it becomes essential to seek timely pest control Toorak assistance from certified professionals. Annoying bugs and critters can enter your home through small gaps around the windows and doors, locations that you would normally overlook. These vermin seldom act alone, hence, they usually invade our houses or businesses in groups.

So if you see only one roach or a single mouse for that matter, you can be sure the rest of the members are close by. There are several chemical treatments and DIY methods available in the market that claim to get rid of these nuisances but they rarely ever help. Sometimes, using DIY or other products on a domestic level can do you more harm than good. On the other hand, pest control Geelong professionals have years of experience and knowledge required to deal with any kind of pests. As a result, hiring a licensed pest control service provider in Wollert or South Morang is a wise decision.

What are the Most Common Household Pests And How Can They Be A Health Hazard?

Here are a few of the most prevalent pests, as well as how they might harm your health:

Roaches – Roaches are vile, unpleasant, and unmistakably repulsive. In addition to being creepy, these pests can be a major health hazard. To begin with, they multiply so fast, that a few can quickly turn into an intense infestation. These pesky pests moult their skin and ditch droppings and urine (all everywhere! ), and their excreta can quickly become toxic airborne particles. Those with existing allergies or respiratory problems like asthma in general, particularly children or the elderly, may experience severe allergic responses to these particles.

Rodents – Rodents aren’t always seen as a severe health danger since many find them adorable. And keeping them around has nearly become a way of life for many people. The harsh reality is that those fuzzy, beady-eyed rodents are known for carrying around thirty-five – yes, thirty-five – illnesses! Some of the most hazardous infections caused by rodents are rat-bite fever,  Salmonella, hantavirus, lymphocytic choriomeningitis (LCMV),  leptospirosis and Tularemia. These highly infectious disease-causing factors make them repulsive and a health menace at best.

Bedbugs – Bed bugs aren’t known to infect people. So, you might be wondering why they are mentioned in this list, right? While these pests are generally harmless to humans, some people may have an anaphylactic reaction to a bug bite.  However, while these annoyances may not have a consequential impact on our physical wellbeing, they can have adverse effects on mental health which is a serious problem that must not be overlooked. Many individuals who have suffered from a proper bed bug infestation, for instance, have developed mental health issues like insomnia, sadness, social isolation, stress and many more issues. That is why a bed bug infestation is a serious problem that must not be ignored.

Bees/Wasps –  Bees and wasps are essential to our ecosystem. But they can quickly become a nuisance if they infest our home or commercial space. These tiny critters can turn pretty aggressive and sting in their defence. Their sting can trigger severe allergies in people suffering from asthma or other allergies. Sometimes their sting can even prove to be fatal, which might require immediate medical assistance.

These are a few out of many more pests that can be a trouble for us if not taken care of on time. This is why investing in annual pest control services for your Wollert or South Morang property is a necessary task that you should never neglect. Risking your health or that of your property is never worth it. Contact your local pest control provider today and safeguard your property from nasty bugs and critters right away.


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