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What you need to know about flatbed towing services?

Towing needs may occur any time of the day and you cannot rely on some nonprofessionals for the job. But before you jump on hiring some tow truck service, here are a few basic things you need to understand.

What does flatbed towing mean?

It is the type of towing you need when you have to move your car from one place to another. The reason could be any! Such as if the batteries are dead or you might have met with an accident. In any case, the action is performed through a specialized truck that has a flatbed which is why it is named “Flatbed”.

You’ve probably seen a flatbed auto truck on your way to work or if you’ve been stuck on the side of the road and needed to call for towing services. When it comes to trucking, flatbeds have become increasingly popular. But why should you rent a flatbed truck, and when is it better to use one instead of a trailer, this is a question that many people ask. Continue reading this article to understand all of the important things you should be aware of when it comes to flatbed auto towing!

Perks Of taking Help from Flatbed Tow Truck Services

The Risk of Car Damage is Zero

Using flatbed towing service is the need of the modern world. With the old traditional method of towing a vehicle, where it remains in contact with the road throughout, the risk of car damage was high. Flatbed professionals make sure that your car does not touch any side of the truck and also remains separate from the ground.

Additionally, a tow vehicle with a hook and chain is employed in conventional towing. A flatbed tow truck service, on the other hand, is different.

Saves Time

In order to provide dolly services, technicians must first remove the driveshaft, which might take a considerable amount of time. This is normally done to keep the car from getting damaged. Towing a flatbed truck, on the other hand, is much simpler and faster. Professionals do not need to remove any parts of the vehicle in order to transfer it to the truck’s platform.

Road Safety

Flatbed trucks are often considered the safest option when transporting the cars that need to be towed. You don’t have to worry as the vehicle is nicely trapped on the truck to avoid any mishap while the truck is moving on the road.

Easy Adjustment as per the vehicle

The use of a flatbed truck to tow your vehicle provides ample space for your vehicle to rest in the rear of the truck flatbed service throughout movement and transportation. The flatbed truck is extremely versatile and can accept and transport virtually any piece of machinery. Whether you’re pulling a boat, an SUV, or simply a motor vehicle, a flatbed towing truck is the finest option for this type of operation because of its versatility. In contrast to other towing services, a flatbed towing truck merely requires your vehicle to fit on its flatbed before delivering you to your destination. When compared to the flatbed towing truck, conventional towing trucks have a far more limited variety of automobiles that they can pull and haul.

Safety Measures to be taken with Flatbed Tow truck

Here is what you should keep in mind when choosing a flatbed tow truck as your car towing service.

Measure the weight

All of the vehicle’s passengers, baggage, and accessories are included in this weight limit.

A tow vehicle’s maximum weight with the trailer, equipment, fuel, passengers, and anything else in the truck is known as the “gross combination weight rating.”

The weight that one axle can safely support in terms of its Gross Axle Weight Rating (GAWR).

Towing Capacity: The total weight that the vehicle can tow.

Practicing Safety

Take into account the load distribution from the front to the back of tandem and triple axle flatbeds.

Don’t put too much stress on the axles. Keep the weight equally distributed, with 60 percent of the load in front. Observe and modify the weight distribution of the load, if necessary.

Keep the trailer’s center of gravity as low as you can. Heavy goods should be placed above the axles.

Loading should be secured properly at all times. A vehicle and its trailer must not weigh more than a vehicle and its trailer can tow before a vehicle and its trailer can be towed.

Necessary Preparations

Everything should be inspected before being loaded onto a flatbed.

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