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Wedding Facts Around the World

Whether you are planning a European wedding or looking for a unique way to celebrate your nuptials, you can learn about these amazing facts about weddings all over the world. You may be unaware of some wedding traditions, such as the Kransekake and the Danish weddingwaltz. There are many more interesting wedding facts you can discover in this article. From the traditional wedding dress to the dances performed at the reception, you can learn about them here.

White and red wedding dresses are two of the most popular colour choices for brides. Although the majority of Christian women prefer to wear a conventional white wedding gown, the trend has switched to red gowns.


Historically, a polterabend was celebrated until midnight the night before the wedding, a milestone that marked the transition from bachelorhood to marriage. Today, however, the polterabend takes place on the week before the wedding. Although the traditional party takes place in the home of the bride and her parents, space considerations may make this a more convenient location. In both cases, the polterabend ceremony is an integral part of wedding preparations.


It’s crucial to think about the traditions associated with your cake when planning your wedding. A kransekake is a Norwegian traditional wedding cake. It’s quite different than anything that you will find in the United States. A kransekake, unlike the American three-tiered, iced cake, is made from almonds, sugar and egg whites. When a guest pulls a ring of the cake, it’s said that she’ll marry next.

Danish wedding waltz

For couples looking to preserve the tradition of their country, a Danish wedding waltz can be a great choice. This traditional dance includes a toast to the bride and groom and a number of songs. The bridal couple’s song sheets are marched into the reception by waiters tying ribbons to the pages. Many Danish songs for wedding are beloved and loved by many. They are often heartfelt, humorous and very touching. This popular song is available in many variations.

La serenata

La serenata, an Italian tradition that celebrates music and closeness with one’s spouse is the foundation of the Italian tradition. Italian grooms also follow this tradition and hold surprise parties outside of the windows of their brides for three days following their wedding. This is meant to strengthen the bond between the couple and ward off bad luck. The grooms would traditionally sing to the bride from Italy while they sat outside the window. The tradition turns into a huge party with food and drinks.

German wedding cake

Baumkuchen is the traditional German cake that’s served on a German wedding. The recipe for this cake is an egg-based batter, butter, sugar, and vanilla. The batter is then rolled out into small sheets, and placed over a heat source on a rotating spat. This results in a cake which looks and tastes just like it fell from a tree. Depending on where it’s made, a filling can be added.

Peruvian wedding cake

If you’re planning to have a small wedding in Dallas, you might want to consider a Peruvian wedding cake. This traditional dessert features ribbons tied with rings on them. These ribbons are tied to the bottom of the cake, and then hang from the sides. Each woman needs to pull a ribbon before the cake can be cut. The woman who pulls the ring gets to marry next. But if you want to make your wedding cake look as authentic as possible, you’ll want to hire a professional.

Maasai tribe marriage

If you’re looking for a unique wedding experience, consider the Maasai tribe. Maasai tribe marriage facts include the bride never seeing her groom before the marriage ceremony. Before the ceremony, the bride is given the name “Nalototuesha,” meaning “she who comes with the rain”. Unlike many other cultures, the Maasai tribe’s marriage ceremony involves goatmeat, dancing, and singing.

Chinese bridesmaids demand ransom money for groom

You can avoid the Chinese bridesmaids asking for ransom to pay the groom during the passage rites. To avoid this scenario, there are some precautions that you can take. You must prepare for the big day. There are some common mistakes that you need to avoid, and these are discussed below. You can also make your own ransom script and film it so the groom and witnesses can watch it together.

Indian brides are treated like royalty

Indian brides have been treated as royalty throughout the independence of India’s history. In an extravagant wedding, the guests can stay with the groom’s family, who is a prince of Saurashtra, Gujarat, at their home. The bride, Shivatmika Kumar, is from the city of Bangalore, but comes from a modest background and dreams of starting an NGO for animals.

Polish wedding cake

The traditional Polish wedding cake looks very similar to other cultures. The cake is made up of layers, and it can have as many tiers or as few as you like. A slice of cake for each of the bride and groom is usually cut together, and then they are fed by one another. A traditional Polish wedding meal includes a three-course meal. After the bride and the groom share the first slice of cake, the wedding guests cut the remaining slices.


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