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Ways to Write the Best Product Description for Amazon

Ways to Write the Best Product Description for Amazon

It is important to work on your product description if you want to attract maximum customers on Amazon. Product descriptions are hands down one of the best ways and sometimes, the only way to convince customers to get the product from you. Furthermore, it helps customers in making an informed decision after learning about the product’s quality, uses, size, and other relevant information. In short, writing an accurate, and attractive product description is one of the most important tasks while selling on Amazon, but it can also get quite difficult.

In order to write the best product descriptions, you have to think like your customers and strike a healthy balance between being insightful, and brief while also including all the necessary keywords.

Here are a few tips to follow if you want to nail this product description game and convert your page visitors into buyers!

1.Think like your customers

When you sit down to write your product description, make sure to think like your buyers. It is critical to understand who you are writing the description for. Think about your target audience and why they would want to buy your product. Also, it is important to mention what your product offers, and how are the customers going to use it. Start by gathering as much information as possible about your potential customers.

You should have a decent idea about your target market, their likes, and dislikes, and what would they want to read when they open your product page. You can also look at the most current consumer feedback that you got, or use Google to look up reviews and demand for your item. Go through different articles, and social media content posted by sellers selling the same products. Gathering all this information from different sources will help you write a product description that reflects the demand of your buyers. Mention all the necessary details that will make the customer go “Yes! I need this”.

2.Don’t ignore the rules of Amazon

Before you begin working on the product description, make sure you understand all the guidelines, and rules set by Amazon. The main aim of the product description, according to Amazon, should be to assist shoppers to know about the product better. As a result, they have established a few rules based on this purpose. For example, here are a few don’ts that you have to keep in mind before writing a description for your product:

  1.   You can’t mention if the product is available or not.
  2.   HTML has been forbidden.
  3.   You can’t include feedback, reviews, or any other comments left by customers.
  4.   Don’t talk about the condition of your product.
  5.   Don’t include any promotional offers.

Don’t risk including all the mentioned points above, especially when you deal with ungated categories on Amazon. Don’t sneak in any prohibited information, and if you want to learn more, make sure to check out Seller Central to understand all the guidelines mentioned by Amazon.

3.Keep your product descriptions short and simple!

Amazon allows you to write a product description of about 300 words. However, you can keep it shorter while staying relevant, and focusing on mentioning important points rather than just filling the empty space. The quantity of your words doesn’t matter if you have mentioned all the necessary details in a simple, more attractive manner. Customers are usually not interested in reading a full paragraph of content. They expect all pertinent information to be presented in a clear, and simple manner.

The best way to go about it is to write bullet points. Mention the quality of your item, size, uses, and price all under bullet points so that it’s easier to read.

4.Overhyping your product is a big no-no! 

You can try to oversell your products by hyping up your product in product descriptions, but it will only push your customers away. Creating unnecessary hype about your products won’t increase your sales. Your product description will simply turn out to be irrelevant, and won’t deliver any benefit. You can’t keep bragging about how fantastic your product is when customers should be the ones to decide. You won’t even have to hype your products if you are a Buy Box owner. What is an Amazon Buy Box? Well, it is the white box that is located on the right side of the product detail page, and if you win that on Amazon, you ultimately get 80% of the sales on the platform! How cool is that?

Avoid using unnecessary words, and keep your description short and sweet to attract customers. Try your best to win the Buy Box so that customers know you are credible enough without you having to explain it.

5.Don’t forget to add keywords

Writing an appealing product description while overlooking the keywords is a huge DON’T. It is necessary to come up with a product description that gets you sales but also ranks well. Conduct proper research and come up with the best keywords that you fit into your product description. Don’t overuse them though. Make sure the description doesn’t feel like a cluster of keywords. It should be attractive, while still doing the job!

In conclusion

How difficult can it be to write a product description, right? Well surprisingly, it can be quite challenging! Make sure to follow all the tips mentioned above to help you through it. 


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