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Top 7 Hair Care Tips Straight From the Experts

Nowadays, everyone wants to look handsome. In this context, your hair plays an important role. Without hair, you can’t express your beauty and smartness. Also, people want to make their hair bouncy and smooth. But, it is not an easy task! You have to take care of your hair first. However, you can visit the best hair salon in Marathahalli (Bangalore) or in your local town/city to get tips for hair care. In reality, only experts know the right way to take care of your hair. If you have a dream of healthy and bouncy hair, you can turn it into reality with proper hair care. Here are hair care tips straight from the experts:


  1. Continuous Hair Wash

The first tip for hair care is to wash your hair on a daily basis. To make your hair and scalp free from dirt, the regular wash is so essential. But, some people don’t wash their hair regularly. As a result, they have to face hair loss, dandruff, and weakness of hair. However, washing of hair may vary from person to person like:

  • You have to wash your hair according to the type of hair.
  • If you have dry hair, make sure to wash your hair twice a week.
  • If your scalp is oily, ensure to wash your hair on alternate days. 

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  1. Always Choose Shampoos without Chemical

In reality, several environmental factors are responsible for damaging your hair. Also, it is not possible to control these factors. But, you can control some factors by using chemical-free shampoos. Remember, if you are using fewer chemicals on your hair, there are higher chances of healthy hair. That is why; you should use gentle and natural shampoos. An ideal unisex salon in Marathahalli or your locality also uses chemical-free shampoo. For lathering and preserving hair, mostly shampoo contains sulphates and parabens. Both of these things may cause skin irritation.


  1. Use Condition in Right Way

After shampooing, applying the conditioner is an important task. Usually, a conditioner also includes several herbal and essential ingredients for your hair. These components help to make your hair straight, smooth, and manageable. Also, conditioner prevents your hair from numerous environmental factors. Make sure not to apply it to your scalp. However, you have to apply it to your hair only.

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  1. Leave Your Hair to Dry Naturally

Many people use a blow dryer to dry their hair. But, it is not a good choice. Generally, the blow dryer may damage the quality of your hair. It may blow an excess amount of heat that is not safe for your hair. That is why; experts suggest drying hair in natural ways. Have a look at some important points in this context:

  • After shampooing, towel drying or air drying is known as an excellent way for your hair.
  • Don’t comb your wet hair.
  • Don’t sleep with wet hair.
  • Use only a gentle towel to dry your hair.
  • Harsh rubbing may damage the root and cuticle of the hair. 
  1. Use Oil Properly

Oiling and massaging both are known as “pre-shampoo treatments”. These things are important to enhance the circulation of blood on the scalp. Also, you can nourish and boost the shine of your hair. Indeed, oiling is essential to relax your muscles, restore moisture content, and allow hair growth. Instead of mineral oil, you should choose natural and healthy oil like:

  • Coconut oil
  • Almond oil
  • Castor oil
  • Olive oil
  1. Give a Style to Your Hair Naturally

Everyone likes to have gorgeous curls and perfect waves. For this, many people use heat for their hair. But, it is not a safe method. Without using any heating equipment, you can achieve the best hairstyle naturally. It is very simple to style your hair when you know how to style short hair or long hair. In this regard, you can visit the ladies beauty parlour near Marathahalli. However, if you want to use a curler, it is better to use a protective serum first. 


  1. Use Plenty of Water Regularly

For healthy and strong hair, make sure to fulfil the deficiency of water in the body. In this regard, you should drink lots of water daily. According to experts, 3-5 litres of water per day are so essential for healthy hair.


If you want to make your hair healthy and strong, the above tips are beneficial for you. Additionally, try to use natural things to avoid hair problems in future. Excess usage of chemicals may cause numerous hair problems.


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