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Tips for Using Smart Doorbells Safely

Having access to the screen of your smartphone makes it simple to know who is at the door. Smart doorbells were rather uncommonly used when they were first introduced, but as time passed, more and more people started investing in them.

Smart doorbells can link to your phone via the necessary apps and include built-in cameras. The process is rather simple. Every time your doorbell rings, a notice will be sent to your phone, allowing you to see who is at your door and engage with them.

Try to pay attention the next time you’re out for a stroll in your area to how many doorbells appear to have lenses on them. You can simply locate a smart video doorbell that matches your budget because so many different businesses are making them.

Some of the more well-known ones come from companies like Nest and Arlo. If you’re thinking about buying one, Google Nest Hello Doorbell is among the greatest options and is actually incredibly simple to set up.

As most of them offer a remote access capability, smart doorbells are a good way to secure your house, especially if you know you’ll be away on business or vacation. However, how can you prevent unauthorized visitors from accessing your home’s Wi-Fi network, or worse, hacking your network? Well, let’s find out. 

Below, we will be discussing how hacking affects your privacy, and also provide you with some safety advice for using a smart doorbell. Let’s get started!

The Repercussions of Having Your Doorbell Hacked

What precisely occurs if a hacker hacks into your smart doorbell? Although it’s quite possible that you won’t remember it ever happening, the risks it poses to your security and privacy are very significant and could have long-lasting effects.

Complete Control of the Device

Your gadget will be in the hands of whoever hacks into your doorbell. For some people, having their doorbell ring all night long is certainly unpleasant; but, for the elderly and the vulnerable, it can also be terrifying.

Once they gain access to your device, these hackers can see your footage and determine when the residence was and is vacant.

Your Home Wi-Fi Can Be Exploited

Your home network is then abused once your doorbell has been compromised. These intelligent doorbells serve as a gateway to your home’s whole network. Just think of all the connected devices you have in your home and the personal information they contain.

Consider what might happen if someone gained access to all of that information. Isn’t that a horrifying thought? If your doorbell is compromised, your smartphone, laptop, TV, and other smart home appliances are all at risk.

How Can You Prevent Hackers From Using Your Smart Doorbell?

Because there are so many smart doorbells available today, some of them have terrible security flaws that render them useless unless they are replaced. However, if you modify your smart doorbell, you may be able to avoid certain additional risks.

Changing the Password Every Once in a While

If you didn’t know, periodically changing your smart device passwords is highly advised. The default password on a device is frequently never changed, leaving it vulnerable and incredibly simple to crack.

Ensure The Software is Up to Date

Software upgrades are frequently introduced to smart gadgets. Instead of only adding new features, these software updates also increase the security of your device. Turn on the auto-update feature if at all possible.

If not, it is best to often check your device for fresh updates. It’s not actually your smart doorbell that needs to be updated; instead, you should check the associated app on your smartphone.

Two-factor Authentication

The second layer of protection adds a new barrier that potential hackers must clear, and two-factor authentication makes this barrier particularly high. In essence, this is an additional one-time password that is delivered to your phone each time you attempt to log in.

It only lasts for a little period of time before you must ask for another one.

Delete All Recordings and Saved Data

It makes sense to delete any recordings your smart doorbell has made that you don’t need. This also applies to data stored on cloud servers, for which you pay a separate subscription.

Restoring your smart doorbell to factory settings will ensure that all of your personal data is removed if you ever decide to get rid of it.

Power it off

Even though it might seem obvious, we take this seriously. Simply switch off your smart doorbell if you feel uneasy. Having a doorbell that is a prime target for hackers is not worth the risk.

Final Thoughts

If you adhere to the safety advice given above, smart doorbells can be a blessing. Additionally, study the brand and type of smart doorbell you’re considering purchasing. Finally, before utilizing the doorbell, make sure you fully grasp all of its safety features.

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