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This surgery center provides lymphatic massage services to their clients | Dolls Plastic Surgery

Lymphatic massage, also known as manual lymphatic drainage, is a therapeutic massage that doctors often perform to detoxify and boost the immune system. Dolls Plastic Surgery has you covered if you’re looking for a surgery center that provides quality lymphatic massage services. Incorporated in 2019, Dolls Plastic Surgery is a renowned plastic surgery center with phenomenal board-certified plastic surgeons. The plastic surgery center focuses on delivering exceptional results to clients. To do so, the clinic also has an impeccable customer service infrastructure that makes customers feel like family instead of patients walking through a revolving door. 

Dolls Plastic Surgery has grown considerably year-on-year since its inception. The plastic surgery center has successfully increased revenues while catering to customers’ health, needs, and results. However, the center’s management isn’t concerned with revenue as the determining success factor. Instead, they care more about the daily life-changing surgeries performed at the center. The management stresses that seeing the center’s patients happy with the outcome of their procedures matters is the most important success factor. For instance, a new mother reclaiming her self-esteem and self-confidence after a makeover lets Dolls Plastic Surgery’s management know they’re doing their jobs well. 

This approach has also allowed Dolls Plastic Surgery to thrive. It has resulted in significant repeat client business and referrals from happy customers who recommend the center to others. As a result, Dolls Plastic Surgery has garnered acclaim from medical professionals and clients for their work. The plastic surgery center’s customer-centric approach has contributed to its popularity. For instance, the center’s management emphasizes personalized attention for each patient before, during, and after treatment. It has allowed the center to have an extremely high customer retention rate. Similarly, surgeons provide post-surgical recommendations to patients based on the procedure performed. For example, patients might be instructed to wear compression socks for ten days and walk every hour for the first few days after their surgery. 

Creating a customer-centric approach isn’t easy. However, Dolls Plastic Surgery’s management has worked hard to create an environment where customers always come first. The center’s pre-operative and post-operative departments are trained by medical staff and work hand in hand with the surgical team to ensure the best medical care for customers. This effort is imperative as Dolls Plastic Surgery caters to everyone. The center helps people wishing to transform their appearance through various services, including breast enhancements, abdominoplasty, mastopexy, Brazilian butt lifts, etc. However, in addition to providing surgical and cosmetic procedures, the center operates as a full-service massage spa. As a result, Dolls Plastic Surgery helps patients by giving lymphatic massage services.

Dolls Plastic Surgery also aims to provide affordable treatments to everyone. As a result, the center has multiple payment options to cater to customers. In addition, Dolls Plastic Surgery is the only plastic surgery facility nationwide with a finance department that works with customers and helps them find financing options, particularly if their credit score is below 500. Furthermore, the center also has a dedicated customer service manager who contacts patients if disputes occur. The manager serves as the customers’ point of contact while embroiled in the dispute process. However, there’s no need to worry because Dolls Plastic Surgery has a reputation for always reaching satisfactory agreements with clients. 

In addition, Dolls Plastic Surgery has also cultivated a stellar reputation, which has prompted patients to often fly in from out of state. As a result, the center offers virtual consultations for these patients, followed by a personalized consultation upon arrival in Miami with the surgical team. The HIPAA-compliant medical staff will discuss concerns with the patient and review their full medical history before devising a surgical plan to help the client get realistic results.


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