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Things You Should Never Forget To Check While Buying Second Hand iPhone

Whenever it is about Second Hand iPhone 11 or any other models by Apple, buying isn’t straightforward. You need to be careful; exploring and comparing the options available is suggested. The Indian used smartphone market is at its peak, as the Indian Cellular and Electronics Association report claimed. It is expected to grow by 15% between 2020 to 2025.

Of course, Apple phones goes with endless models in different series. What’s your choice? iPhone 11. Great buying decision.  Meanwhile, you should know some facts before investing in any used smartphone.

Things You Must Check While Buying Second Hand iPhone:

  • Purchase Proof: You must check for the hard or soft copy of the used iPhone. Ask the seller to provide you with the smartphone’s original receipt. It will help you to know about former ownership details and warranty status. Check whether the seller’s name or ID detail match, including the purchase date.
  • Fair Market Price: The best thing about buying a second-hand smartphone is that now you can check any used mobile price and can get the idea about fair market value. Before making any strong buying decision it is recommended to check second-hand iPhone price to grab the best deal. This will help you to make a good deal with seller and you can confidentially negotiate after knowing the right market price.
  • IMEI Number: The device’s IMEI number needs to be matched with the official receipt of the smartphone. You can ask for this and check with Setting> General> About to know the IMEI number (International Mobile Equipment Identity). Moreover, you can also look over with IMEI number after dialling *#06# to find details like warranty, system version, country, etc.
  • Serial Number: Apple always issues serial numbers to all its handsets. This is good to ensure warranty validation. Therefore, best is to check for iPhone serial number. You can ask the seller for a serial number; just follow the steps Settings>General>About.
  • Part Authenticity: Check for Second Hand iPhone authenticity if it had gone with any repair in the previous time. If yes, then is that from an Apple-authorized service provider or not. Repairing done from an unauthorized service centre can be a risk and won’t be authentic. The low-quality repair will affect the performance of the mobile phone.
  • Testing On Software and Features: You should check for smartphone software and features. To get on check with better performance, inspect the touch screen and do a camera test. Demonstrate it with live video, including swipe, zoom, and tap. Explore if the camera, both front and back, delivers high-quality photos or not.
  • Check For Hardware Specifications: When it’s about the used smartphone, always check on the hardware and body of the mobile. You should test the speakers, microphone, charging port, plugging ports and battery life. This is important for quality functionality on iPhone’s hardware or body that is only possible with use. You should also check the physical buttons of the mobile phone for proper working.

Tips Not To Get Fooled By Seller While Buying Second Hand iPhone:

  1. Used iPhone is available at too low a price or selling asking for immediate advance payment.
  2. Check if the mobile phone is broken or damaged.
  3. Beware of Chinese manufactured iPhones, with Android operating system, instead of iOS.
  4. Check if the second-hand iPhone is a stolen smartphone.
  5. Purchasing a factory refurbished iPhone.
  6. Day-fly websites and fake shops or sellers.
  7. Remote lock iPhone.

The Final Verdict:

If you are buying a used iPhone, it is a must to check the device thoroughly. A purchase of a 2nd hand smartphone is a smart way to save some money but inspect everything before. To evaluate the fair market price you can also install Orange Book Value App it make your work easier and you will be able to check any used smartphone model price. Thus, just explore the website and application to check the Used iPhone 11 Price or any Apple iPhone model you want.

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