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These monstrous machines by Ultima supercars are making world records

The British are famous for producing the best cars with unique features, and the Ultima supercars are a force of nature. Ultima Sports Ltd has developed a stellar reputation as a leading supercar manufacturer by breaking world records and developing relatively affordable supercars that outperform the most expensive hypercars. Moreover, the company’s Le Mans-inspired supercars have been certified for road use and are completely customisable and can be assembled at home. 

Founded in 1992, it has come a long way since its inception over 30 years ago; the founders, Ted Marlow and Richard Marlow, had a clear vision when they first started. 

Ultima Sports Ltd garnered mainstream attention through its unique marketing strategy. Between 2004 and 2009, Richard Marlow decided to push his vehicles to the limit. He wanted to acquire multiple world records for road-certified supercars and got behind the wheel himself. The marketing play was immensely successful. Several models produced by the company have set world records. For example, the Ultima GTR720, equipped with racing slicks, set the quickest ever road-legal lap time at Top Gear’s Test Track at 1:09:9, eclipsing the previous record holder’s – Michael Schumacher in his $1.8 million Ferrari FXX track car – 1:10:7 minute lap time. 

Another salient feature that makes the Ultima supercars unique and highly popular is that they can be assembled in your garage; yes, you read that right. Manufacturing self-assembly cars also helps Ultima Sports Ltd limit costs, allowing them to offer supercars at competitive prices. Recently, the Ultima RS has been in the spotlight for all the right reasons, so let’s delve more into the supercars the company designs.

Ultima RS

The Ultima RS is the company’s flagship vehicle, flaunting a horsepower of 1,200 obtained from the supercharged Chevy-sourced LT5 V-8, with a dry weight of little over 2,000 pounds. The newest iteration of the Ultima RS is also the most comprehensive revision of the road-legal Ultima supercar ever to be released. This model is similar to the timeless Group C Le Mans-inspired prototypes – the only difference is that it is versatile enough to be taken to the shops. 

It is a British pocket-sized supercar with all the features of Toyota’s TS050 prototype. However, the RS does one better as it can be driven on the road, even Stateside. 

The new model pays homage to the company’s signature designs while incorporating a few modern touches. These include; revised aerodynamics, huge wheels, and LED clusters at both ends. Also, unlike the older models, the headlights are placed on the edge of the fenders, the nose of the car is flat, and a huge space at the rear-facing air vents facilitates air circulation.

The RS is one of its kind, as it is the only car that can function on the forged alloys and one-piece 19-inch rims that are only available for the Ultima RS. Safe to say, the vehicle is a must-buy for fanatics.

Ultima EVO Convertible

The Ultima EVO Convertible has a gel coat finish, three interchangeable body panel formats, and fifteen engine power options. It’s easy to build, reasonably priced, and offers an unmatched driving experience. 

If these improvements weren’t enough, the model boasts an LED front triple headlight system with custom-machined aluminium Ultima bezels, LED daytime running lights for increased safety and visibility, and LED side indicator repeaters. In addition, the roll cage is completely leather trimmed with colour-coded stitching and offers the Ultima Evolution logo in a colour-coded piping option. As a result, the Ultima EVO convertible is the ultimate performance option for anyone who wants to show off their style without breaking the bank.

The Ultima cars boast several world records, including but not limited to the fastest ever lap time on Top Gear’s Test Track, the fastest standing quarter mile record, and logging an impressive road-certified car skidpan world record of 1.176g lateral grip around a 200ft diameter circle. 

Not only are the Ultima cars blisteringly fast, but they are also ideal for comfort. They give the driver the best of both worlds. 


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