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The WWC Universal Heavyweight Championship Belt — What You Should Know!

The winged eagle belt , also known as the WWC Universal Heavyweight Championship Belt, is an iconic executive belt. It was used in the World Wrestling Council (a Puerto Rican professional wrestling association). The WWC World Heavyweight Championship created the championship in July 1982. Capitol Sports Promotions used to be the name of the corporation. But, after a fight between Carlos Colon representing WWC World Heavyweight Champion and Ric Flair representing NWA World Heavyweight Champion, the new title was given to the corporation. Let’s look at how the belt evolved in terms design.

Tournament and Redesign

The belt’s traditional design reflected the NWA Mid-Atlantic United States Heavyweight Championship style. The belt retained the design from the middle of the country, which prominently features an eagle. However, the belt eliminated any references to the United States’ regional origins by eliminating all depictions. i

The U.S. flag was located near the NWA Mid-Atlantic title pinnacle of eagle. It was replaced with a representation of two fighters holding a grappling hold. The globe was used to replace the US political map, which was located in an oval below the eagle. Another attempt to disassociate the building from its regional influence was to eliminate the “NWA” writing at the top. The Universal Championship was more of a mantling design.

The large “United States”, inscription from the NWA Mid-Atlantic champion was replaced by the word “Universal”, printed with a slightly different font. Other than these modifications, the plaque’s design was almost identical to its source with the exception of positioning a set if screws.

The United States shield was replaced in the picture of two wrestlers holding a hold. It was decorated with mantling on the significant sides plates. They remained circularly proportional their inspiration. Instead of two grapplers in mid-hold in front a United States shield with the NWA insignia and a picture of them fighting, the side plates contained images of a regal crown that had similar mantling. It was black just like the NWA Mid-Atlantic United States Heavyweight Championship.

This design and the plaque have been used for almost three decades. There were only minor modifications to the plaque and banners. Also, the globe design which was initially made of gold was changed to red.

In 2007, the WWC hosted a competition to determine who the next champion was. The tournament’s eliminations lasted six months and the finals were determined using a points system.

Orlando Colon and Daniel Torres (also called Noriega) qualified for the final. The event was held as part Aniversario 2008. Mike Nicolau designed a new belt and Carlos Colon was presented with the original design.

Top Rope Belts was asked by WWC in 2008 to develop a new belt design. The company created a new pattern, design and concept to make “something remarkable.” The new plaques had a retro feel and were redesigned to replace several old plaque components.

* Eagle (now 2 smaller eagles flanking an enormous globe)

* Image of wrestlers en hold (now the central component and “layered” over the globe).

* Colors: The new scheme includes black, red and blue. This unifies the two classic combinations. They are now displayed on the central plaque.

Fun Fact

Abdullah the Butcher was the first ever winner of this redesigned belt. Since its creation, 39 wrestlers have been able to hold the WWC Universal Heavyweight Championship Belt. It has been held up 19 times and vacated/scrapped 13 times.

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