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The process of sharpening a knife with a steel

Even a skilled user can’t expect perfect results every time he uses one of these tools. An inexperienced user could ruin the blade before he’s had time to really learn how to use it.

The process of sharpening a knife with a steel is similar to the process of sharpening a saw. After using a sharpening steel, the blade should be resharpened every day with an appropriately sized stone. A sharpening steel will make a dull knife more effective than a dull knife.

As you sharpen the knife, you’re making a gradual increase in the angle between the side of the blade and the surface of the sharpening stone. Gopolli You’ll need to experiment to determine the optimal angle at which the knife blade meets the sharpening stone. If you have been using sharpening stones in a different location, you may have to adjust your angle of approach.

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