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Taylor Swift Perfume Collection | Perfume Elegance

If you like the scent of Taylor Swift Perfume, you should try her perfumes. In this article, you will learn about the scents of Taylor Made of Starlight and Wonderstruck Enchanted, as well as a new scent by Viktor & Rolf called Flowerbomb. You’ll find out why these fragrances have been so popular and what to look for when purchasing them. These perfumes will not disappoint you.

Taylor Swift’s second perfume

The second fragrance in Taylor Swift’s perfume line is called Wonderstuck Enchanted. The singer first released a fragrance called Wonderstuck in 2011 which became a hit for the country-pop singer. Now, she’s back with a second collection of perfumes. In addition to her own scents, Swift has partnered with perfumers to create the fragrances. The top notes in Wonderstuck Enchanted include tangerine, peony, and magnolia. The base notes of the fragrance include sandalwood and apricot nectar.

Wonderstruck is a fruity, floral, citrusy scent for women. The top notes represent the chances of love, while the heart and base notes are sweet and floral. The perfume is available in 3.4 oz bottles. The Taylor Swift perfume dupe comes in beautiful packaging that will leave you dazzled and awestruck. You’ll love the enchanting fragrance of this dupe. The perfume is perfect for women of all ages!

Wonderstruck Enchanted

The newest perfume online in the Taylor Swift Wonderstruck Enchanted perfume line is a delightful mix of exotic and traditional notes. Signed by perfumers Loc Dong and Jean-Marc Chaillan, Wonderstruck Enchanted is a sparkling bouquet of sweet, juicy fruits. The base notes of hypnotic vanilla and blonde woods make the scent enchanting and captivating.

The enticing scent of the eponymous song is a rich blend of flowers and berries, and features a woody base. The scent is also accented by a bead of antique gold. The bottle, meanwhile, looks like it came straight from a movie set. The bottle is red with an iridescent finish. The perfume bottle also features a bird and flower design, with the cap containing a clear egg-shaped gem design bead.

Taylor Made of Starlight

The Made of Starlight perfume collection by Taylor Swift is a spin-off of her original fragrance. Inspired by the song “Starlight”, the fragrance features the words “Like we’re made of starlight”. This scent features top notes of apricot, passion fruit, and osmanthus. Middle notes include honeysuckle, sandalwood, and sheer woods. A 3.4-oz. bottle of this fragrance costs $65 at Macy’s.

The scent begins with sweet apricot, passion fruit, and white floral notes, such as osmanthus, honeysuckle, and orange blossom. The scent gradually warms to a musky peach base that lends a slightly exotic twist. Taylor Made of Starlight is a sophisticated, versatile scent with a great sillage. Although it costs more than most other perfumes in the line, it’s still a good value for money.

The fragrance is very light, despite its name. Unlike the original Taylor Swift perfume, this fragrance isn’t super heavy and has good longevity. However, you can find a more feminine version of the scent Wonderstruck, which debuted in 2011. This fragrance is more floral and fruity, and warms with notes of amber, musk, and vanilla. It’s also very fresh and opts for berry notes, beginning with blackberry and raspberry. This fragrance has a cool, fresh smell that makes it a good choice for cooler weather.

Flowerbomb by Viktor & Rolf

The Dutch fashion house has created a perfume that captures the essence of the singer and her fans. The new Flowerbomb scent is enchanting, floral, sparkling and intimate, and celebrates the time between dawn and dusk – a special moment for women. The perfume has a lasting power, lasting on the skin for up to 12 hours. It is described as a “citrusy floral explosion”.

Designed by Olivier Polge and Carlos Benaim, the fragrance was introduced to the world in 2005. Its floral and fruity notes have been reminiscent of Swift’s most famous album. The fragrance is a complex mix of florals and citrus, with a deep woody base note. It is a scent that’s versatile and suitable for everyday wear. Whether you’re heading to work or an evening event, Flowerbomb by Viktor & Rolf will make a statement.


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