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Some Professional Methods of Oriental Rug Cleaning in San Diego

Oriental rug cleaning in San Diego are hand-woven works of art that should be handled as such. They recommended that communal spaces be cleaned once a year to keep the fibers in good condition. Because the dyes used in an oriental rug are natural and typically vegetable-based, harsh cleaning chemicals can harm them, eliminating them or causing them to bleed, which can be costly.

However, many rug cleaning companies employ advanced technology to reproduce the ancient, gentle Area rug cleaning and drying processes used by the peasants where these rugs were first manufactured, preserving the integrity of your rug’s delicate fibers and colors.

Improper Cleaning

It might cause significant harm to an Oriental rug. Professional rug cleaning is an essential activity that rug owners should not skip. Therefore, Dirt may lurk in the rug’s innermost threads and is a significant component of the rug’s shelf life. Buying a new carpet can be very expensive.

Pest Management

Rugs can serve as filters by collecting dirt, dust, and other allergens in their fibers. The temperatures, bugs, and other pests may be drawn to these settings. Pests can chew away at the rug’s fibers and perhaps deposit eggs within them. Cleaning your rug may prevent eggs from developing within it and eliminate bugs hibernating within it.

Life Extension

Maintaining good rug care may extend the life of the rug. Due to continual usage and dirt buildup, filth and sand particles add to fiber wear and tear. Oriental rug cleaning in San Diego may help keep its shape.

Cleaning Procedure

  • After your rug is picked up from your house, it is preferable to be cleaned at a specialized facility where it may be appropriately cared for.
  • Captain Rug Wash, the Master Rug Cleaner, inspects your rug thoroughly to choose the best course of action.
  • A dusting machine is used to vibrate out the filth buried deep in the pile of your Oriental rug before vacuuming it.
  • Next, the rug will be immersed in a cold water cleaning pit and shampooed using rotary brushes to remove tough trapped dirt gently.
  • The Oriental rug is then carefully cleaned to eliminate any leftover cleaning chemicals and dirt.

Supplies and Tools

  • Shampoo for rugs
  • A gentle brush or sponge in a bucket
  • Water
  • Remove any dirt or debris.
  • Vacuum the carpeting well on all sides with appropriate manner.
  • If you have pets, you may use the brush attachment to remove stray hairs.

Cleaning Solution

  • When it comes to the cleaning solution, a rug shampoo might be used.
  • The mixing instructions on the bottle of any shampoo you pick.
  • Hot water might shrink the rug and cause it to fade.
  • Perform a Color Test

So that’s why, if you are scrubbing before cleaning your rug that is not an easy task, check to see if the cleaner will cause the colors to run. To ensure colorfastness, test the solution on a corner of the rug. If the color does not bleed, go to the next step.


Caring for an oriental rug cleaning in San Diego can save you time and money. However, these cleaning operations must be carried out regularly. Coastal Chem-dry understands how important your area rugs are to you since we value them equally. Dirty carpets pose significant health hazards, particularly for young people and the elderly.

Coastal Chem-Dry Carpet Care can collect germs, filth, pet fur, decaying food particles, dust, allergies, and even microscopic bugs. Our Professional protection applied to a new or newly cleaned rug will offer the best results. Don’t hesitate to contact us right away if you have any queries.


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