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Sim Racing Direct drive Wheels: What you Must Know

In the past, getting high-end sim racing direct drive wheels was an uphill talk because of the pricing of the complete kit. But things have significantly changed recently, and the sim racing wheels are getting cheaper. Accessing them now has become easy and affordable for most people, unlike before.

So which is the best sim racing direct drive wheel for your experience? Which is best for experts and beginners? Well, stick around and learn what to consider before choosing to purchase.

What’s a direct drive wheel?

The direct drive wheel is a wheel for sim racing mounted directly on the motor through a quick-release hub. This simcube is simpler mechanically than belt and gear systems. However, they are more complex electronically. They are heavier since they are built from industrial-grade metalwork. Although more costly, they offer an advantage over the low-budget system.

Why are direct-drive wheels more advantageous?

The simcube direct drive wheel motors don’t have lash, which helps crank and steer the weight up without losing feedback quality. Here are more reasons why you should choose direct-drive wheels.


The simulation software helps in all the wheel’s movement, causing less lag and thus no mechanical play. When a direct drive speeds, it delivers feedback, and you can respond quickly to slides. You can also handle slides more competently and quickly.

You become more confident using these sim racing wheels since you make fewer mistakes and find a haven where you enjoy driving.


You can rotate the wheel beyond 900 degrees with direct drive wheels. This means that the steering input blends perfectly with the wheel rotation.

Detailed high frequencies

Nothing will give you joy like keeping track of details as you drive. The rumble strips and curbs will keep track of your car limit as you enjoy the vibration through the wheel. The motor control electronics of the simcube can beep by sending the frequency via the motor.

Built to last

The torque load makes the plastic the worst choice; that’s why a great direct drive wheel is made of 4 M6 threads for mounting in the aluminum cockpit. It should be strong to deal with up to 25 nm peak torque.

Although most of these wheels feel heavy, torque should have these characteristics since they are the most in direct drive systems.

  • Peak torque: this means the maximum output of the direct drive wheel. You may experience the peak torque when driving high speed over high curbs.
  • Holding torque: When sim racing, you mostly resist cars self-aligning, which may cause the motor to heat up. So if you want consistent driving, ensure you have a wheel with high-holding torque ability.

What to look for in a direct drive wheel?

Before going for more advanced technical details in your wheelbase, check if it’s compatible with your console. Look for the information in the product description. Check the force feedback the wheel offers. Additionally, confirm how much torque it delivers to the steering wheel. Note this if the torque is higher, the feedback is powerful.


The direct drive wheel base is the backbone of the sim racing system; it provides power to your steering wheel and forces feedback sensation. That’s why when purchasing the wheel, ensure it delivers an exceptional experience and has no lag. Check your console’s technological compatibility to give you the best driving experience.


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