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Signs Bats Have Infested Your House

Bat infestation is the last problem you wish to have in your house. The infestation of such creatures is not only disturbing but also hazardous for health as they carry plenty of viruses with them. Once infected, individuals must suffer great pain to cure it. So, locating and exterminating bats from your house is the best option for you and your family.

Bats are extremely good at hiding and fleeing in front without even being noticed. These animals are active only at night; you will not notice them entering and leaving your house. Having a strong plan of action from bat removal in Columbia, MD becomes essential to avoid a population of the explosion of such animals in your house. This post will discuss a few points on identifying if bats have infested your house.

1. Pungent Smell of Ammonia

If you notice a pungent uneven, disturbing smell in your house and wonder where it is coming from, even though you have your house cleaned, then this can probably be the smell from the dropping of bats. The bat’s dropping produces a pungent smell similar to ammonia which is noticeable from a distance.

2. The Corpse of Dead Bats

One of the homeowners’ mistakes when they see dead bats around their house is that they think it belongs to someone else’s residence. This negligent behavior should be avoided until you have confirmed by assessing your house’s ducts, vents, and attic. 

3. Stained Holes

When bats have discovered a way to enter your house, they do not use the same entrance you use frequently. They will target places you do not use or pay attention to in your house. This can be vents, ducts, open roofs, etc. Once familiar with their path, they will use it to infiltrate the house. 

4. Squeaking Sounds

Certain sounds are noticeable and cannot be identified easily. Bats produce high-pitched sounds that can be heard easily. If you have started listening to voices from your wall, vents, attic, or ducts, this might indicate that bats have infested your house.

Plenty of options exist to avoid the infestation of bats, but most of them don’t work effectively. You need to ensure that your house is entirely free from bats and that all the viruses they carry are not left in your house. This can only be done when you call a professional bat removal service, as they know the best strategy and methods to eliminate bat infestation.


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