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Rowing machines with water resistance

In addition to the type of rowing machine,heat diffuser for gas stove the resistance system also plays an interesting role. We can differentiate here in systems with air resistance, hydraulic, magnetic, and water resistance brakes. In our table we introduce you to the categories in more detail:

Rowing machines with water resistance

  • comes closest to the feeling of really rowing on the water
  • per rudder stroke, water is pushed up or the paddles are pulled through a water drum
  • these rowing machines or water rowers are comparatively expensive

Rudders with hydraulic cylinder

  • Hydraulic antique cylinder generates back pressure with every movement
  • Training with this difficult and in the rowing machine comparison, not joint-gentle
  • cheap models

Rowing machines with air resistance

  • the faster the movements, the higher the air resistance
  • well suited for everyone
  • often in combination with a magnetic brake system
  • Professional rowing machines with air resistance expensive

Rowing machines with magnetic brakes

  • the higher the flywheel mass, the better
  • very quiet rowing machines
  • Rowing machines with magnetic brakes are also expensive

What can I train with the rowing machine?

According to rowing machine tests, good, effective training can be carried out with all the models mentioned. The rowing machines with water resistance are expensive, but these rowing machines or water rowers come closest to the feeling of rowing on water.

You can significantly improve your fitness with a rowing machine in general, as long as you carry out the training correctly and regularly. But especially for your muscles, rowing machines are an effective means of strengthening, both in the abdomen and back, shoulders, arms and legs, as you need to tense the entire body. In addition, you can also improve your endurance in the long term.

The more rudder strokes per minute You create, the more strenuous you can make the training. Thus, in conjunction with the appropriate diet, weight loss is also possible.

Weight reduction thanks to the rowing machine

With regular training on the rowing machine, weight loss can also be achieved due to the whole-body use. The calorie consumption is enormous compared to training with other sports equipment during a longer workout on the rowing machine.

Which manufacturers sell rowing machines?

Before we give you tips on how to find the best rowing machine for you, we list the brands where you can get the equipment in the first place:









From time to time, e.B. Aldi or Lidl have cheap rowing machines on offer, but of course, you can always find the sports equipment online.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of rowing machines?

Before we get to what to consider before buying a rowing machine, let’s first compare the advantages and disadvantages of rowing machines:


Full-body training and endurance enhancement are possible

high-calorie consumption, thus weight reduction is also possible

some models of rowing machines can be stowed away in a space-saving manner


Coordination of movement is difficult, possibly unsuitable for beginners

possibly expensive to purchase


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