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The Right Way to Apply Nail Polish in Hand

We all apply nail polish but how many people know that there are some methods of applying nail polish? If it is seen that the nail polish of the hand is tied up after a nice make-up, then the whole outfit is dirt. Moreover, giving beautiful nail polish is also one of the qualities, looks fresh all the time and those who are a little picky about their makeup need a perfect manicure. Also, all cosmetics contain some chemicals, and nail polish also contains some chemicals. If not applied properly, it can damage your nails. So let’s know the right way to apply nail polish and some extra tips –

The Right Way to Apply Nail Polish in Hand

  1. Remove with an old polish remover. If the shape of the nails is not right, rub the file with a filer. In this case, it is better to use a paper filter.
  2. Cut off the excess skin around the nails with a clipper and push the cuticles of the nails with the cuticle pusher. If you want, you can take a little care of your nails in this step. Soak a little shampoo and salt in lukewarm water for 5 minutes and rub it with a brush to clean the nails or you can wash your hands and rub a little lemon.
  3. When the hands are dry, apply any disinfectant with a little cotton. I put hexasol. This will also remove excess nail oil.
  4. Must have a base coat of good quality. Many of us do not know the requirements of base coat or do not use it even if we know. Regular use of nail polish gives our nails a yellowish color. Having a coating on the base coat but getting relief from that problem. Besides, the chemical of the polish does not stick directly to the nails. So apply 1 layer base coat and dry well.
  5. After the base coat, apply 2 coats of polish of your choice. As in the picture, first take a stroke by placing it along the middle of the nail with the brush polish and finish polishing with two strokes left and right, alternately. Apply twice in the same manner. Be careful not to apply too much polish so that the polish will take time to dry and may become smudged.
  6. After applying the nail polish, lock the edge of the nail with the polish (see picture) so that the polish will be protected for a long time.
  7. Now if you want you can do beautiful nail art, but if you do not have a problem.
  8. Apply a good quality topcoat after drying the 2 layers of polish well. Many people think that if you only do nail art, you have to wear a topcoat. Actually, nail polish finishing tie hole top coat. This will make your nail polish last longer and you will get the shine of the perfect manicure.
  9. Once the polish is around the nails, remove them with a cotton bud with the help of a remover.
  10. Now it’s your turn to dry your nails. Approximately 4 layers of polish on your hands. Now it will not dry so easily. Stay safe for dry.
  11. Became a perfect monie. Now you can go out wherever you like with joy in your mind.


Never keep nail polish in the fridge as it separates the chemicals in the polish. Keep in a cool place without light, the polish will stay good for a long time. Do not shake before applying the polish. Warm-up by rolling between the palms of both hands.

That way the polish will not bubble and will be smooth. Do not rush to apply the polish, sit down to apply the polish with your hands for 30 minutes. For those who apply regular polish, it is better not to have more than one nail polish for more than 7 days.

Change once a week. Sometimes if you want to do nail art, you can keep it for 2 weeks. The smell of polish is not good for the body, so it is better to give it in an open place with doors and windows open. For those whose hands tremble and become messy when applying the polish, start applying the polish with a little Vaseline before applying the polish, but make sure that it does not stick to the nails. Even if the polish sticks to it, it will not stick to the skin due to Vaseline. I hope you like the method and tips for polishing.

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