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Renting a Car in NYC? Drive to these Glorious Getaways!

NYC is undoubtedly a gorgeous city to explore! It offers pure exhilaration in so many ways! However, if you have opted for one of the exotic rentals in NYC, heading out of the city could be an attractive prospect. Once you have had enough of city life, there are many glorious destinations to explore on the outskirts of the city. Also if you have chosen to rent a Lamborghini or similar high-end vehicle, glorious drives are likely to be in store! We look at some of the top trips to enjoy when on the road. 

Top Picks for “Drive-Downs” from NYC 

Drive down to Philadelphia: Head to Philly in your zippy vehicle and enjoy the varied forms of street art, mosaic art pieces, and colorful graffiti created by local talents. If you are seeking a break from the city bustle, head to Rittenhouse Square which incorporates a beautiful park. And of course, you must visit the Independence Hall. This is where America actually began when the Declaration of Independence was signed. This is also the place where you can find The Liberty Bell. 

Berkshires, MA: If forests are your calling, head to Berkshires and find yourselves amidst the lush greenery and the New England charm, complete with bucolic settings. Plan a picnic by the stunning Berry Lake. If you are lucky, you can enjoy glimpses of black bears gorging on their favorite blackberries. On your way, consider stopping at the Barton Orchards and planning a picnic here. You can enjoy plucking a range of fruits and veggies including tomatoes, apples, pumpkins, eggplants, and much more. 

Cold Springs: Close to Hudson, Cold Springs is a small hamlet by the riverside that encompasses a truly American sensibility. It is also the site where Don McLean reportedly penned down the lyrics of the “American Pie”, so, it is indeed a patriotic place to be in. You can also spend time at the antique shops and also at some country stores. On your way, stop at Rivermarket Bar and Kitchen and gorge on some locally sourced freshwater catches straight from the river. 

Narragansett, RI: Situated in between the Narragansett Bay and the Pettaquamscutt River, this quaint destination is home to as many as three quiet beaches. There is the Wheeler State Beach, The Narragansett Town Beach, and The Scarborough State Beach. There is also the Point Judith Lighthouse dating back to 1816, which adds to the historical charm. If beaches are your calling, this is indeed the destination for you! Also, stop by Connecticut and enjoy the gorgeous seafood at one of the eateries, on your way! 

When you head to an “exotic car rental near me” in  NYC, make sure the safety features of your vehicle are in top-notch condition. Driving through NYC without them may not be a very achievable feat. Parking may be an issue within city limits as well. Owing to the fact that you have opted for an exotic car rental in Smithtown, NY; protecting your luxury ride should be your topmost priority. Park securely and keep side mirrors folded while the car remains in the parking space. 

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