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Railways and their advantages

We all know that the first Indian railway track was laid from Mumbai to Thane in the year 1853. Since then railways have become a very important means of transport for most people in India. The very first railway line was just 22 miles in length, but by the year 1950, the railway lines had spread to around 34000 miles. About 5210 locomotives, 19630 passenger coaches and 26000 wagons were in use all over the country. Originally, the whole railway system of India was under the English. But after 1950, the Government of India took over the control of the total railway system which was there in the country. Currently, in Asia, it is the biggest national undertaking and also the fourth largest in the world.

Though there has been an increase in the number of railway accidents in the recent times, the trains use outdated technology and door to door service is not available as is the case with road travel, yet railway is still preferred by millions of Indians because of its many advantages. It is a common means of transport for many people. People travel to their work with the help of trains. Many other advantages are given below:

  • Dependable– This is the most dependable mode of transport. As it is not affected by the different weather conditions like fog, rain etc, you can use it for travelling in these harsh conditions in case you have some kind of emergency.
  • Speed And Distance– When you have to reach someplace far in a very less time, choose railways. Is can travel at great speeds over a long distance. Unless you have the means to fly by air, railway is your best option.
  • Heavy Goods– Trains have a huge carrying capacity. Not just for people, but also for their luggage. If you have to carry heavy or bulky goods to someplace, trains are the way to go. They are quite fast and can carry your goods over a long distance.
  • Cheap Transport– Compared to the other modes of transportation, travelling by trains is quite cheap. You can travel long distances in local trains in a very small amount of money. Though during morning rush hours or some other specific times the seat availability might be less. Travelling to different states also costs less when compared to airplanes or road travel.
  • Carrying Capacity– A single train has many passenger coaches attached to it, each of which carries many passengers. Thus the carrying capacity is much larger than the other means of transport. A single engine can transport so many people to different places all at once.
  • Employment– Railways is one of the largest industries in India and is a source of income for thousands of people. It is an important source of employment. Skilled and unskilled labourers are given opportunities to work. Around 16 lakh people are currently employed in the railway sector.
  • Tourism– Railways also promotes tourism. The tracks cover most of the tourist spots in India. You can easily travel to your favourite travel destination with their help.

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