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What the Post-Car Accident Physical Therapy/Physiotherapist Deals With?

The Post-Car Accident Physical Therapy/physiotherapist deals with the diagnosis, rehabilitation, and prevention of difficulties in the movement system, Improving the functional capacity of the individual and treating situations that affect the skeletal nerve-muscle system in a wide variety of fields: respiratory Treatment, Treatment, and orthopedic rehabilitation, posture treatment, Treatment against the background of a neurological condition, Treatment, and prevention of sports injuries, treatment and rehabilitation after limb amputations, Making accessibility to an environment that will enable mobility and functional independence and developmental therapies.

The Treatment is carried out throughout the age range to provide a functional response suitable for the changing needs during the individual’s life.

The physiotherapist provides a therapeutic response to the population of people with physical disabilities, ASD, intellectual developmental disabilities, sensory impairments, and other disabilities according to functional needs.

It also includes contacting professional elements in Fisioterapia después de un accidente automovilístico for the community, such as orthopedists, neurologists, etc., training the students’ parents and training educational teams and treatments to make the educational environment accessible, and making intra-school activities accessible, such as sports classes, Excursions, send lessons and study tours.

Physiotherapy – movement, functioning, quality of life

A physiotherapist is the one who will diagnose, rehabilitates, treat, study, guide, and advises following the requirements used abroad, and acts in cooperation with the individual that desires to remedy and follows his situation and desires. This is carried out via means of the knowledgeable use of knowledge, expert skills, and assets obtained at some stage in his expert life. The physiotherapist is devoted to integrity, retaining human dignity and rights, and performing following the expert code of ethics.

The physiotherapy profession is an active and central partner in outlining health policy in cooperation with leading bodies in the health system and other public bodies to promote the health and well-being of the residents of the state. Physiotherapy practices are characterized by a wide variety of approaches and therapeutic methods, reflecting an evolving profession based on science.

Target populations and areas of expertise

Physiotherapy provides a professional response to diverse population groups of any age, in different health situations, and different fields:
●     Orthopedics – Prevention and Treatment of conditions related to functioning in the musculoskeletal system.

●     Neurology – Prevention and Treatment of situations related to the functioning of the neurological system.

●     Respiratory – Prevention and Treatment of conditions related to the functioning of the cardiopulmonary system.

●     Treatments for children – Prevention and Treatment of infants and children in all health and development situations

●     Treatments are suitable for women – Dedicated physiotherapy in situations related to physical functioning for women throughout life: girls, girls, women in the birthing period (around childbirth), menopausal women, and old age.

●     Adapted treatments for men – Dedicated physiotherapy in situations related to the functioning of various systems (such as digestion and urine) for men

●     Treatments in old age – Prevention and treatment for diverse population groups in old age, with an emphasis on maintaining functional abilities and human independence.

●     Employee health – adapting the work environment to improve the employee’s comfort, maintain his health, and increase productivity at work.

●     Patients with chronic prolonged diseases (diabetes, obesity, oncology patients) – prevention, treatment, and training of personalized physical activity

The basic basket of services includes:

● consultation, diagnosis, and Treatment

● Diagnosis and physiotherapeutic treatment in children up to the age of nine

● Physiotherapy during hospitalization, including initial evaluation and training before Post-Car

Accident Physical Therapy.

● Acute physiotherapy in the community – Evaluation and Treatment of acute cases, adults and children with diseases, such as burns, trauma, after a stroke, surgeries, acute respiratory conditions

● Physiotherapy in the community – evaluation and Treatment of chronic cases in adults and children or diseases such as: neurological, degenerative diseases, joint and muscle diseases; stable groups for children.

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