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Outdoor Furniture Cover Materials: What Do You Need to Know About Them?

The patio furniture items can transform an ordinary backyard into something visually pleasing. When purchased and arranged properly, the patio furniture items will undoubtedly improve the aesthetic appearance of your backyard.

If you’re like the other house owners who leave their outdoor furniture in the open throughout all the seasons, your patio furniture will be exposed constantly to the outdoor elements such as wind, rain, sun, UV rays, snow, etc. Without proper protection measurements, the sun will cause damage to the fabric of your patio furniture, and prolonged exposure to the sun rays will cause fading and cause damage to the internal structure of the furniture.

This is why you need to protect your patio furniture items at any cost so that you can maintain their condition and boost longevity. Even though the design of the patio furniture is durable enough to handle the harshness of the weather, using patio furniture covers will help you mitigate deterioration and ensure the proper appearance of the furniture for years.

As patio furniture items don’t come cheap, you need to protect your investment with the help of furniture covers. Here are some essential things you need to look for while choosing patio furniture cover material.

Water Resistance 

If you’re searching for the best material for your outdoor furniture covers, you need to consider choosing polyester. This is because polyester is one of the few fabrics in the world that is extremely durable and strong. The durability of the polyester patio furniture covers is so high that they can easily protect the furniture from various harmful outdoor elements. As per Sew Port, polyester is durable material.

Some furniture covers are also water-resistant. If you want to prevent water from damaging your patio furniture, you need to choose polyester furniture covers that are treated with waterproof coating.


The weight of the material is one of the most important things you need to consider whole choosing outdoor chair coversIf the chair covers are made of filmy materials, they won’t prove effective as the wind might blow them away. Apart from that, ice, snow, or rain will easily go through the cover and end up damaging the furniture instead of protecting them.

On the other hand, covers that are extremely bulky and heavy will cause problems while putting or removing them from the furniture items. Not to mention, they will also take up extra space while storing. The weight of polyester is ideal and it can protect the furniture items without being bulky or heavy. Additionally, remember that patio furniture covers that come with drawstrings will decrease the chances of the covers blowing away with the wind.


The breathability is an important factor for the patio furniture covers. If the material is not capable of breathing, the air will become too musty or dry. This will cause the material to absorb moisture below the furniture. If you choose non-breathable material for your patio furniture covers, you will start noticing the growth of algae, mildew, fungus, etc.

Even though the materials need to be strong and waterproof, you also need to understand the importance of breathability.


We hope you found this article helpful. Make sure you choose the best cover for your patio furniture items. The high-quality patio furniture covers of our store will help you protect your furniture effectively.


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