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Mousecoreworkers.exe keeping Pc Awake


If your PC is not sleeping, one of the main reason behind this is the Mouse Core Worker Processes or Mousecoreworkers.exe.
MoUsoCoreWorker.exe, also known as the Mo USO Core Worker programme, is a Windows Update-related file from Microsoft. If your PC keeps waking up from sleep, it is possible that this software is to blame. There are also a few more programs, includes USO Core Worker.exe, USO Client.exe, and a few DLLs related to each other. Furthermore, you will learn about Mousecoreworkers.exe sincerely.

What is Mousecoreworkers.exe?

Mousecoreworkers.exe or USOCoreWorker.exe are alternate program for the wuauclt.exe command in windows. The apps are also known as Windows Update AutoUpdate Client since they look for updates in the background. Because there is a new program, Windows Security or your antivirus program may be triggered as they attempt to connect to the internet. Make careful to add such programs to your whitelist.
Update Session Orchestrator (USO) is a task manager icon that appears every time Windows checks for updates. Task Manager or Power Configuration might be either MoUsoCoreWorker.exe or USOCoreWorker.exe.

Why does Mousecoreworkers.exe keep Pc Awake?

The process cannot determine the update status, which is most likely why it repeatedly wakes up the PC from sleep mode. It tries again and again but fails. It’s important to note that clicking the Check for Update button will start the USOCoreWorker.exe process in the background.
Suppose your computer doesn’t sleep after a certain amount of time or continually wakes up from sleep. In that case, it could be due to a corrupted Mousecoreworker process or some erroneous setting twitches.
In this area, we’ve included every possible solution for Mousecoreworkers.exe keeping Pc Awake.
1. Remove conflicting programs: 
If you back up or sync your data, there’s a risk that something in the background is causing the problem. The majority of applications run in the background. However due to a glitch, they may wake your computer from its sleep.
As a result, you should either update them to the most recent version or uninstall the application completely. “GoodSync” was discovered to be the source of this flaw.
2. Turn off the “Allow wake timers” option:
This problem could be caused by incorrectly set twitches rather than mousecoreworker. As a result, we will disable the wake timer in this area so that your computer can complete the wake procedure.
3. Restart Update Orchestrator Service: 
The Mousecoreworker.exe process is supported by several services, including the Update Orchestrator Service.
4. Make “Windows Update” Automatic:  
The Windows update service group to automatic by default, however, it can be modified to manual owing to some incorrect settings. Because your system believes mousecoreworker is still active, your machine cannot sleep.
5. Start the Windows Update Service again
In Administrator mode, open Command Prompt and run the following command: /requests powercfg.
If MoUsoCoreWorker.exe appears somewhere, it’s due to a Windows Update.
Open Service Manager and restart the Windows Update service.
Run the Power Config command again to see if MoUsoCoreWorker.exe is still listed.

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