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Motorcycle Jacket Comparison 2022

Motorcycle jackets are not only an alternative to the one-piece but also popular as a fashionable component. As a buyer, you have a lot of choices. Both different materials and equipment are a question of money and security.

Our guide introduces you to the characteristics of textile and leather jackets for the motorcycle and answers frequently asked questions. In addition, we will tell you which material for motorcycle jackets can convince in tests.

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The most important in a nutshell

  • Motorcycle jackets protect against accidents and the weather. Motorcycle jackets for men and motorcycle jackets for women are available in both leather and textile.
  • Motorcycle jackets have either slots for protectors or integrated protectors. The type and level determine the effectiveness of the protection.
  • In motorcycle jacket tests, leather models often perform better in terms of safety. However, textile jackets are often more comfortable.

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A good motorcycle jacket should protect you in case of falls with the motorcycle, but also from rain, sun, and cold. As a buyer, you not only have the choice between leather and textile but also between different price ranges. You can find out how the individual price ranges perform in our motorcycle jacket purchase advice 2022.

We will show you how different materials affect the protective function and thus the safety of jackets. In addition, you will receive important tips on the proper care of your motorcycle jacket. For all newcomers to motorcyclists, we answer the most important questions on the subject at the end of our guide.

Motorcycle jackets protect against falls and the weather

Motorcycle jackets are designed for riding on a motorcycle in terms of cut and equipment. Although they are also worn for fashion reasons in leisure time, they are primarily intended to protect the driver in the event of an accident. They also serve as sun and rain protection. The jackets have slots for protectors in certain places.

For some time now, some manufacturers have also been offering motorcycle jackets with integrated protectors for the back. The promised advantage is that these no longer have to be purchased separately. Our pros and cons table shows you which advantages but also disadvantages integrated back protectors have:


Fit adapted to the jacket

no extra protector in your luggage

can be taken off with the jacket during breaks



Protector is always co-paid

cannot be used in another jacket

slips more easily

In summer, motorcycle jackets are above all an important sun protection. In combination with the right underwear and other motorcycle clothing, the body should be acclimatized even at high temperatures.

In winter, on the other hand, motorcycle jackets and other motorcycle equipment offer protection from the cold. Often effective insulation for the body is created according to the onion principle.

The functions that a motorcycle jacket has to fulfill, we have summarized in the following table again for you. You will also find a short description with the most important points:


Motorcycle jackets with protectors protect against bone fractures

Material protects against abrasion

Reflectors increase visibility


Motorcycle jacket as sun protection

Rain cover (partially pre-impregnated)

insulated in winter


can also be worn in everyday life

with high-quality and elegant leather

Partly with fashionable decorations


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