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Why Metal Roofing May Be the Ideal Choice for Your Home or Business

In the past, metal roofs were most commonly seen on commercial buildings. Today, however, many homeowners choose this roofing option. Why would they do so? What benefits and drawbacks come with this roofing material?

Metal roofs offer many benefits a person should know of when installing a roof. Countless individuals love the sound of rain hitting a tin roof installed by Erie Home. The longevity of this material serves as another reason many people turn to metal for their roofing material. The following benefits help to explain the popularity of this option today for both residential and commercial projects.

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Less Weight

Many roofing materials add significant weight to the home, but that is not the case with a metal roof. Individuals who choose concrete tiles for their project find the tiles add up to 900 pounds per square. In contrast, metal only weighs 50 to 150 pounds per square. Not only does this make installing a roof a less laborious task, but it also means engineers won’t have to account for additional weight when designing the building.

Ease of Installation

Besides its light weight, metal roofing comes with other benefits seen during the installation process. Most roofing materials of this type come in sections or panels. This allows for quick and easy installation. Less time is required for the new roof installation, which saves on installation costs.

Roof Pitch

Any roof that rises less than three inches for each horizontal foot is referred to as a low-slope roof. Certain roofing materials cannot be used on these roofs. However, that’s not the case with metal roofing materials. They can be installed on any building, regardless of its slope.

Ideal for Any Climate

In areas that see heavy rain and snow, the roofing material is of great importance. Metal roofs allow for maximum shedding of snow, as the hard and slippery surface makes it difficult for water and snow to get a grip. This means there is less weight placed on the home.

In addition, metal roofing with a dark tone or a PVDF coating will quickly warm in the sun. Not only does this promote snowmelt, the material also reflects sunlight. This helps to keep the home cooler in the summer while minimizing the load on the HVAC system.

Energy Efficient

Homes with metal roofs use up to 30 percent less energy during the summer months. The reflectivity of the roof means less heat makes its way into the attic of the home, which helps to lower energy bills. Roofing materials soak up radiant heat and transfer this heat to the attic.

The AC unit must then work harder to remove the heat from the home. In buildings with a metal roof, this heat dissipates when the sun goes down. The AC unit won’t be under as much of a load at night as it would be in homes with other roofing materials.

Environmentally Friendly

Besides lowering energy bills, metal roofs provide other benefits for the environment. Fewer natural resources are used to make metal roofs, as many of the materials are recycled. In addition, a homeowner finds they can easily have solar panels installed on their metal roof, and the solar panels provide shade for the roof. This maximizes cooling.
Finally, when a metal roof is removed from a building, it doesn’t make its way to the landfill. The materials head to the recycler, where they can be converted into other products. This helps to keep landfills from filling up. Today, up to 20 billion pounds of asphalt shingles end up in landfills each year. A metal roof removes this issue.

Resistance to Fire and More

Anyone living in a wildfire-prone area should look into metal roofing. Most metal roofing products today are Assembly-Rated Class A. This means the footing material and underlying products offer an extra layer of protection against fire.

A person might worry a metal roof makes their home prone to a lightning strike, but that is not the case. This does not put the home more at risk during a storm.

In addition, unlike wood and asphalt shingle roofs, metal roofs aren’t prone to moss and mildew buildup. These fungi harm many roofing materials, but they won’t accumulate on metal roofs. Furthermore, pests cannot make their way through the metal to get into the home.

All-Season Roofing

Metal roofs hold up under all conditions. They allow snow and ice to slide off easily and resist moisture while reflecting heat during the summer months. The rust-resistant and waterproof material also resists algae. However, metal roofs aren’t perfect.

The Drawbacks of Metal Roofing

Every product comes with drawbacks, and metal roofs are no exception. However, the advantages far outweigh these drawbacks. Every property owner needs all the facts to determine if this roofing material is right for their needs.

Metal roofs come with a higher price tag at the time of purchase, but the roof lasts for decades. As the roof won’t need to be replaced as frequently, owners often find they save over the long run.

People often assume metal roofs increase the noise level in the home. This depends on the skill of the installation team, as a good quality underlayment and properly tightened fasteners help keep the noise level to a minimum.

Denting is rarely an issue, but large hailstones may leave marks on the surface. Leaking isn’t a concern unless the team doesn’t install the roof properly. Furthermore, metal normally expands and contracts. Property owners should have an annual roof inspection and address any loose screws and fasteners to prevent problems.

Consider a metal roof if you are constructing a new home or building. This type of roofing material may also be used to replace an existing roof. In fact, local building codes may allow you to install the metal roof over existing shingles. Ask the contractor if this is an option in your area. Even if it isn’t, the benefits of installing a metal roof need to be considered, as many property owners will find it is what they need for their home or business.


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