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Make good impression in the office during the first weeks

After the interview is over, the salary negotiations are complete, it is time to join the company. You are now part of the company. After running here and there to secure a job, it is the time to relax for a few moments but wait a minute, you have to make necessary preparations after accepting the offer. Retaining the job for a few years is good means you must continue that role for a few years. It will add more weight to your CV. During the first few weeks in the office, try to establish yourself and form good relationships. Try to understand the work culture of the company. It will help you to boost your confidence and success is likely to come in the future.  

First of all, arrive early to the job site. Yes, punctuality matters and it will also boost your image. You must come to the workstation early and this will deliver a very good impression. Look for a job recruitment agency Malaysia that can bring you the best offers. The aspect of impression matters during the first weeks. You must leave the job station a bit late. This will show that you are committed to the job. Remember, there are such people who pay attention to the newcomers and they are under observation as well. So, you must pay attention to your timings.

  • Dress appropriately – Every company has a different culture and you must dress in a wise manner. Dress as per the company culture. Do not wear funky dresses. Some companies pay a lot of attention to the attire of the professionals. If you are wearing good and decent clothes throughout the year and your work is good, you are likely to get a promotion. Approach the best staffing agency Malaysia to get a job in a company that promotes a healthy culture. Dress code is very important and you must wear clean as well as hygienic clothes. A small mistake can bring you a huge loss. 
  • Be positive and friendly to others – In the first week at the new job, you should be friendly and positive. Show the same enthusiasm that you were shown during the interview sessions. Introduce yourself to the new colleagues in a positive manner. Maintain a smile on your face and look to form mutual connections. Try to form a bond with them. Avoid all types of negativity. There should be no place for any negativity in the new relations. Also, avoid any type of office politics, drama, gossip and other nuisances for the first few weeks. Even after the passage of time and establishing in the office, you must maintain the same track.
  • Observe and listen as well – The first few weeks are meant for listening, observing and learning. No one is aware of all the technicalities and learning as an ever going process.  Learn how others are producing ideas and observe their activities. You will understand how the corporate world works. Take help from the recruitment firm Malaysia and get a good job. Do not get embarrassed to ask for help. If you are suffering from any problem, share the same with others. Do not think that you will be categorized as a weak and inexperienced person, if you are asking for any help. Do not feel ashamed. It is completely justified if you are a newcomer. Ask questions and this will show your curiosity. 
  • Show that you are a team player – You must show that you are a team player because such people last in the company for a prolonged duration. There are many projects in which you are supposed to work as a team. 
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