Monday, December 4, 2023


Much has been written about the importance of local search and mobile search on business SEO results. But it’s important to know how to connect all the steps and understand how to implement a good local mobile marketing campaign. Because? Because most of the research on the go is about local businesses!

The following four activities should therefore be the foundation on which to build your local and mobile-oriented marketing:

Optimize the target of your local research

Optimize your site for local search – it sounds obvious, but it’s not, and you need to pay attention to the target rating. In fact, many companies make the mistake of exaggerating the geographical opening. On the other hand, favoring a smaller target from a spatial point of view is the most logical decision, and one that will guarantee better results. Also, remember that relevant content isn’t just about blog posts, but H1s, titles, and descriptions as well.

Be responsible

We assume that you have localized your website with a targeted and appropriate geographic description. The activity that is generated will be that coming from a person who carries out a local search with his smartphone. It should be borne in mind that, even on the wide screen of the new phablets, the view that the user will get will never be that of a desktop version: therefore, it is necessary to adjust accordingly with a responsive version of the website to ensure the best user experience. Then the number of keywords and main topics for mobile search increases. In this way, not only will you correctly target mobile users, but you will also obtain specific analyzes that will allow you to implement a precise and targeted strategy.

Consider a Mobile App

If they don’t have a clear function, mobile apps will only mean waste of money for you and annoyance for the public. A good mobile app instead offers important features or information that are not accessible from the classic website. Replicating your site on a mobile app isn’t enough.

Remember that mobile apps can also be proposed in Google results and therefore implement local SEO.

In conclusion, the best way to reach customers on mobile is to think about how they use their smartphones. Evaluate for yourself how you use yours: you are no different from other users! This is the foundation for a geographically localized mobile SEO strategy that can truly deliver results.

Often one of the best ways to learn how to reach mobile customers is to think about how they use their phones. Pick just one week and focus directly on what you do every time you make your phone. You are not really different from your customers.


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