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Is the Official Syllabus Enough for CLAT Exam?

The preparation for CLAT 2022 must be properly planned, including which topics to begin with, the allotment of time, and resources available, among other things. A suitable preparation method will enable you to easily handle even the most challenging and complex topics. 

Some topics, for instance, may appear complex and out of reach at first glance, but if you put your mind together and start with the topic’s fundamentals first, you can eventually demolish even the most difficult of themes. Additionally, keep in mind that each of us has different reading habits, which you must consider. The CLAT Consortium releases the CLAT Syllabus on the official syllabus and the best preparation strategy is to complete the official syllabus in a comprehensive manner. 

Tricks to complete the CLAT Syllabus 

The official CLAT Syllabus allows you to structure your exam preparation in a result oriented manner. Following the official syllabus for CLAT exam lets you make you a checklist of topics to be covered for the upcoming exam. Below mentioned are the expert tips to cover the syllabus in a systematic manner. 

  • Dispel Your Doubts

Many doubts will arise during your CLAT exam preparation. Some of these may be transient, while others will persist, increasing doubt and dissatisfaction. It’s critical to keep a level head in these situations and seek out the source of the uncertainty.

If necessary, go back to the basics, go over the topics repeatedly, and attempt again. Also, consider yourself fortunate that you are dealing with these challenges now, when little is at stake. This way, you can clear all the doubts before your exam day. 

  • Revise on a regular basis

It is critical to revise frequently to retain what you have read. Revising helps enhance the memory by brushing up on previously learned facts. The human mind has the unusual ability to keep learned items intact for longer periods of time that have been periodically reviewed.

  • Analyze the question papers from previous years.

You must examine prior years’ CLAT question papers to learn about the types of questions posed, weightage given to specific themes, and major trends. The previous years’ papers are easily available on the internet, from where you can download them along with their answer keys.

It’s worth noting that as time passes, certain topics become more important while others may have less weightage. You can pay a little more attention to such topics if you are able to grasp any such trend.

  • Your weaknesses and strengths should be recognized

Work on your strengths while attempting to improve your weaknesses over time. Pay more attention to analytics, for example, if you’re weak in that area. There are a plethora of excellent books available to help you overcome your weaknesses.

You’ll be able to point out the loopholes in your preparation if you conduct your self-analysis properly and timely. In this way, you will get to know what you’re capable of. As a CLAT candidate, you’ll be aware of the subjects you know well and others requiring additional attention.

CLAT Syllabus Weighatge

CLAT 2022 will be a two-hour exam with 150 multiple-choice questions and one point for each correct answer. For all negative responses, a negative marking of 0.25 marks will be applied. CLAT 2022 is intended to evaluate fitness and skills for legal education rather than any prior knowledge.

As you may be aware, the CLAT 2022 syllabus and examination pattern has been altered. Keep up with the latest developments because they will significantly impact your preparation and performance.

CLAT preparation necessitates several consistent strategies and hard work, so it’s understandable if you’re nervous. Extra hard work always gives you extra benefit, but if your concepts of the subject are clear, you need not study extra. There is no need for you to study apart from the syllabus given for the CLAT 2022. If you study the syllabus dedicatedly, you will be able to clear your CLAT Examination.


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