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Why Investing In Field Force Management Software Can Be Your Best Decision

Keeping track of your field force is not an easy task. It requires a lot of communication and collaboration between both employees and managers. In addition, the managers must ensure that the allotted tasks align with the agents’ skillsets and the company’s goal. To guarantee that this happens, adopting field employee management software becomes necessary.

Field force management software will help managers manage their field workforce efficiently from afar. It also makes it easier for the employees to serve their clients better and achieve their goals in time. Thus investing in a field force management system is a necessity.

What Are The Challenges of Field Service Management?

Supervising your field force from afar is no joke. It takes extra time, effort, and trust to manage them and ensure they are productive while on the field. Managers and employees face many challenges while trying to serve clients. And it is necessary to do away with these drawbacks as they could affect the performance quality of the field executives. 

Work Schedules Inefficiency

There are situations where the field agents might get caught up in one job, causing delays in entire schedules. This calls for managers to assign another agent in cases of emergency. This is only possible when the managers know each employee’s schedule, location, and bandwidth. But if they rely on manual methods, managers will have to call each employee to know their availability. This method is highly inefficient.

Capturing Inaccurate Information From Field

Field executives are required for sales, marketing, after-sales services, repair, and delivery. Managers have to keep tabs on their agents’ whereabouts, task updates, sales made, etc. It is common for agents to lie about their attendance and location while they are lazing around.

Muddled Communication

Due to the gap between managers and field executives, tasks and information are highly likely to be miscommunicated. Unable to communicate doubts and queries can cause the performance quality to drop. This will also increase the time taken to complete tasks.

Pile of Paperwork

Taking feedback and sale orders on paper is highly inconvenient for field agents as they are expected to carry around a bunch of paperwork. Furthermore, these papers obstruct the ease of working since they must be extra careful of the physical paperwork. Additionally, collecting and sharing information manually can lead to duplicate entries and errors.

Customer Relationship Management

For businesses to thrive, they need to serve their clients in the best manner possible. Delays and subpar quality of services can leave them dissatisfied. Energy and time drainage due to manually completing tasks can cause employees to be distracted while dealing with customers. Another factor that can cause this to happen is when managers assign tasks that the employee is not qualified for.

What is a Field Force Management Software?

As the title suggests, the software is designed to manage your field force. The task of the field is not only to deliver goods, but they are also required for after-sales servicing, repairing, sales and marketing, etc.  Using the software, the managers can assign tasks, track the location of employees in real-time, and much more. Real-time communication is made possible, thanks to the software.

The software aims to promote an efficient and productive way of working for outdoor workers. And it does this through the automation of functions can be effort and time-consuming for managers and employees. So using the software benefits not only managers but also employees. 

How Field Force Management Software Comes To The Rescue

TrackoField, our field force management software, can help managers and field executives easily meet their goals and targets. It offers automated features and tools that will allow the employees extra time and help an organization save the cost of operation.

Task Management

TrackoField understands how important time can be for the organization. And to help you save time, it offers a bulk task upload feature. This feature allows managers to assign a month’s tasks and shifts in advance. They will be visible to employees on the app. They are no longer required to travel to the office daily now. Additionally, managers can edit, add or delete tasks remotely.

Not only this but managers will be able to view real-time updates of the task checklist of agents. This helps them know the bandwidth of agents.

Attendance Management

Recording authentic attendance is one headache task that managers dread dealing with. Well, leave it on employee tracking software to automate the possess. The geocoded attendance feature automatically marks attendance once the agent reaches their first task location. Through the software, visual verification can also be requested. 

Real-time Location Tracking

Earlier managers had to call their agents for location and task updates. This was time-taxing and distracting for both parties. With the help of the system now, managers can track their agent’s locations in real time. We offer accurate information with the least buffering period.

Expense Management

Providing a hassle-free reimbursement process and instant claims is essential to keep field agents motivated. Agents can now instantly upload their reimbursement claims on the software, which will be visible to managers automatically. In addition, they can view the real-time status of their request through the system.

Managers need to keep track of their expenses, and to make it easy for them; the system offers real-time expense reports. They are detailed and contain accurate data, and can be customized. Furthermore, to save costs, managers can cap the reimbursement amount.

Digitalized Documents

The software offers cloud storage to avoid the stress of handling physical documents while working. Important documents can be uploaded there. This provides ease of access to remotely working agents. Also, time and cost can be saved, otherwise spent on managing paperwork.

Custom form is another cool tool the system offers, allowing agents to record customer feedback digitally. Once uploaded, it is visible to managers automatically. A lot of time is saved as the executive doesn’t have to travel back to the office to submit the forms.

Analytical Reports

To make decisions, managers must accurately measure agents’ productivity, performance quality, etc. And to help you with it, the field force management software offers automated real-time reports. Through these reports, managers can also come to know each executive’s strengths and weaknesses, which helps delegate tasks.

Built-in Chat Box

 The software is all about the seamless functioning of managers and employees. To guarantee that happens, a  free flow of communication is required. For that, we offer a built-in chat box where employees can share their queries and doubts regarding the tasks. Voice notes, pictures, and high-quality videos can also be shared.

Battery and Network

This software allows managers to check employees’ phones’ battery and network status to avoid excuses about dead phones. Furthermore, managers are notified once their executive enters a no-network zone. 

What are the Benefits of Using Field Force Management Software

  • Increased Field Force Productivity: The executives have the time and energy to focus on serving the clients as the mundane tasks get automated. This helps them in staying productive and stress-free.
  • Increased Visibility and Accountability: Managers, through the software, have their finger at the pulse of all operations. They are provided with clear visibility through reports and real-time tracking. Even employees are accountable for the sales made, and clients served.
  • More Instantaneous Data and Automation: Through real-time reports, managers have instant data in their palms and can extinguish a fire at the first spark. In addition, important and fast decisions can be made based on automated reports.
  • Enhanced Efficiency and Flexibility: Field force management software is designed to promote ease of working for remote employees through its technically advanced tools and features. Field employees can easily connect with the managers using built-in chat bo, which increases their efficiency.

TrackoField Will Help You Keep Track Of Your Field Force

Managing a considerable field workforce is not a joke. Tracking them can still be possible, but ensuring that they work productively and efficiently requires more effort. Investing in effective field force management software is necessary to save managers time and effort. In addition, the software’s real-time solution and automation can help promote a lucrative collaboration between managers and employees.

TrackoField is a leading field force management software that offers technically advanced solutions. It can seamlessly integrate with other software like CRM to help you serve your client better. Get a demo now!!

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